Your legacy – to friends and relatives – is of someone who always chooses the best gift. Take our Legacy Collection, for example. Who wouldn’t be enchanted by this irresistible assortment of any cheese-lover’s favorite cheeses – smokey touvelle, herb havarti, and farmstead gouda. Add in some harvest-fresh pears and apples with other delicious goodies and you’ve just been elevated to “star status” in the gift department!

The Legacy Cheese basket was actually a bit heavier in the fruit, rather than cheese department. Definite highlights of the basket included the comice pears (which were heaven on earth), Sheffield Cider and the Rogue Creamery Smokey Touvelle Cheese. The basket was full of color and variety.

Typically the fruit we receive from The Fruit Company is orchard direct and very fresh but there seemed to be some pieces of fruit (apples specifically) that didn’t match up to the quality we typically see from The Fruit Company. The gouda and Herb de Provence Havarti was very soft, almost the texture of brie and came from Willamette Valle Cheese Company, a local and award winning cheese company.

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Legacy Cheese Basket


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Basket Contents

4 oz Chocolate Covered Cherries
3 Mint Truffle Creams
4 oz Milk Choc Covered Toffee Almonds
3.5 oz Honey Wheat Crackers
24 oz Sheffield Harvest Crush Cider
4 oz Smokey TouVelle Triangle
Farmstead Gouda Cheese
Herb de Provence Havarti Cheese
3 Fuji Apples
2 Granny Smith Apples
2 Red Delicious Apples
3 Bosc Pears
2 Green D'Anjou Pears
2 Red D'Anjou Pears

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The Fruit Company Review
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