Organic Bounty celebrates the earth's health and goodness with organic cheese, seven peak of the season fresh organic fruits, and snacks. Thistle Hill Farm in Vermont makes organic Tarentaise cheese and is complimented by organic crackers. This gift also includes maple soy glazed nuts, dried mangos, bananas and apple rings. Lastly, there is a jar of sweet and fruity Albion Strawberry Jam by INNA Jam. By buying organic, you are ensuring that no synthetic chemicals were used in growing the food, so it is better for the environment. Organic certified foods also is an easy way to make sure you don't consume any genetically modified foods.

Manhattan Fruitier Review
Organic Bounty


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Basket Contents

Tarentaise Organic Cow Milk Cheese
Potter's Organic Artisan Crackers
5 oz Organic Dried Red Banana Coins
4 oz Organic Dried Mangos
4 oz Organic Dried Apple Rings
4 oz Organic Maple Soy Glazed Nuts
Navel Orange
Comice Pear
Fuji Apple
10 oz Spring Lady Peach jam by INNA jam