Manhattan Fruitier was our favorite fruit basket. Beautiful, elegantly packed, and stocked with exotic fruit and fabulous gourmet items.

No other basket compares in the sophisticated and elegant beauty of one from Manhattan Fruitier. Embellishments like fresh heather sprigs and lemon leaves and a no plastic or styrofoam packing policy made Manhattan Fruitier our favorite provider. Exotic fruit, hand-baked gourmet items, letterpress-looking tags and hand woven willow hampers - no one will forget a Manhattan Fruitier basket when they receive one. Perfect for the critical, picky, persnickety recipient every basket we have ordered has been flawless. Their hand delivered baskets in the New York City area are unbelievably elegant.


One Fuji Apple and Three Lady Apples - The Fuji Apple was crisp and sweet and was free of blemishes and bruises but the Lady Apples, oh the Lady Apples! Also known as Pomme d'Api or Christmas Apples they look like a decoration more than food, which is why it is so fun to eat them. They aren't bitter or overly tart, even though they are so tiny. It was so exciting to get these because they are not available in grocery stores and really, are actually kind of rare. Lady Apples are touted as one of the oldest heirloom apples with origins in France and Italy.

One Orange, Three Clementines, One Tangelo One Grapefruit - Manhattan Fruitier includes citrus that is in season, so depending on when you buy the basket you will get different citrus. In our case, we received a sweet tangelo and little clementines that were a little firmer than the grocery store kind. The Clementines were sweeter than any we have had before, but the skin is harder to get off, it doesn't have the "zipper peel" like many other varieties. The grapefruit was blush pink inside with a pale yellow skin - not a terribly large grapefruit, but very sweet and juicy.

One Bartlett Pear and One Nashi Pear - The Bartlett pear may have been too ripe to ship because ti was beat up when we got it. The flesh was sweet and delicious but yes, there were some bruises. The Nashi Pear, or Asian Pear was in perfect condition; fresh, crisp, crunchy.

Papaya, Persimmon & Pomegranate - Manhattan Fruitier fills their baskets with more exotic fruit than any other company we have reviewed. Thankfully they include an exotic fruit guide so you know how to eat things like rambutan and physalis if you have never had them before. This basket had a large fresh papaya with a yellow skin and sweet orange flesh almost like cantaloupe. Papaya are very juicy and melty when they are ripe but only when they are ripe. The persimmon in the basket was a Fuyu persimmon and was nice and firm and ready to eat when we got it (persimmons are best eaten firm according to their exotic fruit guide). They have a faint kind of a cinnamon taste and the flesh has an excellent texture. Pomegranates are becoming more common in the last few years , especially because of their antioxidants. Maybe it doesn't seem as exotic anymore but so far Manhattan Fruitier is the only one putting them in their baskets. Their pomegranate was in really good shape and all the little juice filled jewels inside were in tact. It was a great pomegranate.

Kiwi and Mango - Both in excellent condition and very tasty. The kiwi was about a day and a half away from being ripe when we received it and was semi firm. Piquant and juicy, the kiwi was a nice compliment to the mango. The mango came with shiny bright red and orange skin without bruises or blemishes. The sweet yellow-orange flesh was flavorful and fragrant.


Three Kinds of Organic Lake Champlain Chocolate - Made in Vermont, Lake Champlain's chocolates are to-die-for rich and creamy. I checked to see how much these cost since I kind of want to order a case of them and learned that their organic chocolate is about $35 a pound. This is very nice quality organic chocolate. The Dark Spicy Aztec chocolate bar may not be for everyone. When you first bite into it you can't really taste the heat but the cayenne and cinnamon leave a warm tingly feeling behind as the chocolate melts. Both dark chocolate bars (55% cacao) are vegan and kosher. The milk chocolate bar is at 34% cacao and was voted best organic milk chocolate by Martha Stewart so maybe I don't need to reiterate how creamy and good it was.

Not Your Regular Biscotti - One thing I love about Manhattan Fruitier is that they put the ingredients on little cards of textured cardstock that almost appear to be letterpress. All the ingredients are things you can pronounce and don't make you feel like you swallowing a bunch of hard-to-pronounce chemicals. Take their biscotti for example. Here are the ingredients: "Flour, almonds, sugar, egg, olive oil, vanilla extract, baking powder, orange peel, anise seeds, salt, milk." Reading that list makes me think of some of the other ingredients in other "gourmet" items. Manhattan Fruitier's biscotti was crunchy, mildly sweet and had a nice citrus overtone. Unlike al the other baskets we have reviewed his hamper is one you actually choose the gourmet items, sweet, savory, flowers or a combination. Sweet options include things like lemon pound cake, walnut brownies, organic dried apricots, mixed chocolates in a bamboo chest etc.


Crispy Flaky Goodness - I can't say enough about Manhattan Fruitier's Cheddar and Asiago Cheese Crisps - they are divine. Imagine a sourdough croissant cut into bite-sized pieces, sprinkled with cayenne, sharp cheddar and baked until it's crumbly and thats kind of how awesome these things are. I'm not sure if that's actually how they make them but that's my best effort to describe them. They aren't heavy like most other cheese crackers they are like little clouds of cheddar/asiago and cayenne. These crisps are probably what would happen if Martha Stewart took charge over the Cheeze-It factory and called all the shots.

Roasted Almonds - Just almonds. No special coating or flavors added, in fact, they didn't really even seem salty just roasted. All the almonds were whole and came in Manhattan Fruitier's signature brown box with cool colonial-looking artwork. As far as roasted almonds go they were pretty middle of the road. I can't really say much about these because I'm still thinking about their cheese crisps. This hamper is customizable so you can actually pick what savory items you get (nice, huh?). I just checked their website and you can pick from several options like bacon peanut brittle, maple soy glazed nuts, beef jerky etc.

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Basket Contents

1 1 piece Fuyu Persimmon
3 1 pieces Lady Apples
1 1 piece Pomegranate
1 4 oz Lake Champlain Organic Dark Spicy Aztec Chocolate
1 1 piece Bartlett Pear
1 1 piece Kiwi
2 4 oz Roasted Whole Almonds
3 1 pieces Tangerines
1 1 piece Grapefruit
1 1 piece Fuji Apple
2 1 pieces Navel Oranges
1 1 piece Mango
1 1 piece Nashi Pear (Asian)
1 8 oz Cheddar and Asiago Cheese Crisps
1 1 package Tuscan Almond Biscotti
1 1 piece Papaya
1 4 oz Lake Champlain Organic Milk Chocolate
1 4 oz Lake Champlain Organic Dark Chocolate