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The Fruit Company Review

The Fruit Company began in 1942 with a man by the name of Roy Webster. He began his quest that would eventually lead up to an online fruit basket company by growing delicious pears and apples in his orchards. He first started selling his ‘Oregon Gems’ and ‘Oregon Beauties’, as he called them, via mail-order. He put together a catalog that he distributed as his means of advertisement and was able to grow a business as the result of hard work and tasty fruits. It has been more than 65 years since this first began and now The Fruit Company is still alive and thriving today.

The Webster Orchards are still producing delicious pears and apples to this day. It can be found in the Hood River Valley in northern Oregon. Anyone with an appreciation for delicious, fresh fruit can stop by and have a peak at the company that produces such delicious fruit and gift baskets to this day. While Mr. Webster was responsible for starting The Fruit Company, his two grandsons contributed to the family business after they got some education and world experience of their own. They were inspired by their family’s love for the orchard and gifting business. That is why they ended up playing such an intricate part of The Fruit Company’s success.

The Humble Beginnings of The Fruit Company

From their humble beginnings that were based out of their parents’ basement, they are now comfortably working with their online website to bring their customers fantastic gift arrangements. Gift baskets and gourmet gift baskets filled with fruit or many other options are all available from The Fruit Company’ website today. In fact, they have been able to expand their business into a very large warehouse that is not too far from the Webster Orchards themselves.

Thanks to their incredible growth throughout the years, The Fruit Company is able to fully participate in today’s modern technology. Using the internet to advertise their company as well as to receive orders, this company is able to take care of their business in a much more efficient way. Thanks to their quality products, efficient operations and family passion for the industry, The Fruit Company has done well enough to receive many types of recognition for their delightful business. Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine gave quite a bit of attention to their business and that kind of praise doesn’t always come easily.

A Recognized Family Business Running Strong

Another point of recognition for The Fruit Company is that they have been recognized as the top 15 growing companies in Oregon. That achievement is one that they are immensely proud of today. The Internet Retailer is a magazine that also recognized this fine company to be in the Top 50 “Best of the Web” retail companies. These awards were not given by accident as it is clear that The Fruit Company is run by people who really have a passion for making great products and giving fantastic service to their customers.

Mr. Roy Webster’s two grandsons are now responsible for running The Fruit Company. Addison works as the CFO for The Fruit Company while still being actively involved in the orchards. Scott is the CEO and President and they both work very hard to keep their family legacy and their grandfathers’ dreams alive. There are still more plans for growth and expansion thanks to the overwhelming success they have discovered over the years. Never complacent, this company strives to always find better ways of doing things so they can offer better services to their customers. Getting customers to come back again and again is the key to real success and that is something they strive for each and every day at this business.

The Fruit Company’s Website is Beautiful and Functional

While their beautiful online website does offer some amazing gift baskets, the company itself offers a few other delightful options. They understand that tourism is a great way to help out the local economies as well as to spread the word about their entity. That is why they offer tours of both the orchard and the warehouse for all who are interested. There are some great stories about family history that can be enjoyed on the tour which really adds to the appeal for tourists in general.

Those who prefer to do their shopping online will notice that The Fruit Company’s overall website appeal is based upon the fact that is stylish as well as easy to use. They have their catalog split up into categories to allow easy shopping capabilities for their customers. They also sell premium fruit alone in addition to gift baskets for their customers. It is easy to view their full color, online catalog by selecting whatever category best suits your needs. In fact, there is a search tool that will help you to really narrow down your choices to get exactly what is best for your needs. Indeed, The Fruit Company has worked hard to create such a delightful service for those in need of gift baskets and continues that tradition proudly.

The Fruit Company is a family business that has been growing for three generations. It started with a pear and apple grower named Roy Webster and continues to prosper today under the leadership of his two well educated, business-minded sons. The company started out as an apple and pear orchard that offered local mail order services but today is a massive company with acres of fruit orchards and a passion for delivering high quality fruit across the country.

The company goes under the trademark slogan of "the world's finest fruit" and those who receive their fruit baskets often agree that their fruit could in fact be the finest in the world. The company started in the early 1940s by one family man who loved his orchards. It has grown today into a passionate business for two brothers who love their orchards and the process of growing and distributing fruit just as much as their father did.

The orchards are mostly located in Nothern Oregon and most of the fruit included in fruit baskets from The Fruit Company are sourced directly from those orchards.

The Fruit Company Gift Baskets: Real Baskets

One thing that sets The Fruit Company apart in the fruit basket business is the fact that their baskets are actually packed in real baskets. Fruit baskets from many other mail order companies come in boxes and other types of packages, but there seems to be a trend moving away from traditional baskets.

If you like the traditional and want to give those you love a high quality basket that can be used for other things, then fruit baskets from The Fruit Company are a great option to consider.

The baskets come in different shapes and sizes depending on the specific type of basket you order, but most are delivered in traditional styled baskets that are very functional and beautiful in the home after the fresh fruit is gone.

The Fruit Company Fruit Baskets: Variety

You can find a wide selection of fruit baskets from The Fruit Company, including a selection of organic fruit baskets. The organic baskets include all organically grown fruits and may include some organic or natural gourmet quality treats as well.

There are a lot of fruit baskets designed to fit specific holidays or special occasions as well as some that are more like gift baskets with a variety of gourmet chocolates and other sweets. There are also monthly clubs that will send fresh fruit baskets to recipients on a monthly basis.

Monthly fruit clubs are the gift that keeps giving and they have become extremely popular today. They also happen to be in line with the tradition of The Fruit Company. Roy Webster started delivering his fruit by the bushel to local customers in the early 1940s so it only makes sense that the tradition continues with his sons through Internet orders.

The Fruit Company Fruit Baskets: Bestsellers

To give you an idea of the types of fruit baskets sold by The Fruit Company, consider a quick overview of five bestsellers from the company's website:

1. Bountiful Harvest: fruit basket a variety of in-season fruits with pineapple, pear cider, cheese, honey wheat crackers, and chocolate covered treats.

2. Cheddar, Pears, and Apples: customized fruit basket includes you selection of pear varieties, apples, and your selection of cheese varieties.

3. Happy Hamper: packed in a picnic basket, this fruit basket includes oranges, apples, pears, and chocolate covered blueberries.

4. Simply Fruit Basket: packed with pears, apples, and citrus fruits with a watercolor decorated box of dried fruits.

5. Cheerful Indulgence: gourmet fruit basket including in-season fresh fruit, chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered apricots, Seattle Mint truffles, and a bottle of sparkling pear cider.

All of these fruit baskets represent the type of gifts you can order from The Fruit Company. These fruit baskets tend to focus mainly on the fruit while adding other treats in for a great presentation. This is different from some other fruit basket companies that offer baskets more focused on the other treats with fruit thrown in.

Fruit has always and probably will always be the main focus of The Fruit Company.

Shopping with The Fruit Company

When you shop with The Fruit Company you are covered with an honorable 30 day guarantee. If you are unhappy with your fruit baskets or your recipients do not enjoy their fruit baskets for any valid reason, they will either replace it or refund your money. This type of guarantee is common only with the highest quality fruit delivery services operating today.

The website is very easy to navigate and you can find a variety of fruit baskets designed for special occasions and major holidays. This makes it very easy to find the best fruit baskets and gift baskets for your intended purpose. There are also the monthly fruit clubs and baskets designed for any occasion which can be considered.

The prices at The Fruit Company are the lowest out there, but their fruit is among the finest in the world. You always have to pay more for the highest quality products in any market, so it makes sense that a fruit delivery service with the dedicated customer service and rich family history possessed by The Fruit Company would have to offer products a slightly higher price.

The baskets from this company are comparable to those received by other high quality fruit deliver services. The main feature of every basket is the fruit but gift baskets can include a variety of gourmet treats from chocolate covered fruits and nuts to bottles of sparkling fruit cider and gourmet chocolates or dried fruits.

The Fruit Company has been around to serve their valued customers for three generations. That’s years and years in the business that has taught them how to produce the world’s finest fruit along with several other useful services. Their services today include gift towers, their fruit month club, desserts and confections as well as specialty and gourmet items. They have realized throughout their many years of success that hardly anything will beat the fabulous orchards they possess in northern Oregon along the Hood River Valley. The lush area is perfect for producing the famous Webster pears and apples, also known as Oregon Gems or Oregon Beauties.

The company started with a many by the name of Roy Webster. This company would eventually grow into a diverse company with many services including a fruit of the month club. Webster first began as a small operation only providing the fruit that came directly out of his orchard. He began a mail-order system that would enable The Fruit Company’s customers to order these fruits via mail. This was approximately 65 years ago in the golden times when The Fruit Company could only charge $7.50 per bushel. Webster began a catalog to better increase their services as time would prove became a tradition.

The Growth of The Fruit Company

The Fruit Company is now run by Scott and Addison. They learned from Roy’s inspiration and love for what he did. After getting their much needed education, they came back home to continue the legacy of The Fruit Company. Eventually the Webster family was lucky enough to come across a warehouse for sale not too far from their family orchards. They jumped at the chance and the rest is history.

Since their relatively humble beginnings over a half a century ago, The Fruit Company has grown tremendously. They’ve been featured in very well known publications and have received recognitions and awards for their impeccable products and services. Indeed, it seems that The Fruit Company is continually striving to improve their services and operations no matter how highly praised they get.

The Fruit Company Fruit Month Services

Not every company provides the services of a fruit club of the month like The Fruit Company does. In fact, very few fruit companies even provide fruit clubs at all. Any fruit lover would do well to hold onto a company that offers a fruit of the month club. These clubs are designed to make it easier for customers to get fresh, delicious fruit on a monthly basis. In the case of The Fruit Company, there are different types of fruit of the month club options that will provide the customers a better array of choices.

What happens is that customers get to look over all the different kinds of fruit of month club choices that The Fruit Company offers. Then, they can either order online on their website or pick up the phone to call a friendly customer service representative to go ahead and customize the club preferences for each and every customer. When it comes to The Fruit Company, their fruit club provides free shipping with each and every one of their fruit club orders. The Fruit Company specifically calls their fruit month club their HarvestClub.

The Monthly HarvestClub Americana

This option for The Fruit Company provides delicious options to choose from each and every month. The Fruit Company boasts of having this option unlike any other available in the industry. It allows for a variety of delicious, fresh fruits in configurations of grand, classic or light. This can be done in monthly configurations of three.

The Monthly HarvestClub Erotica

The Fruit Company’s Erotica selection brings together exotic and tempting treasures that are brought to you from near and far. There are some incredibly appealing options for this specific club which allows for customers to choose between 3, 6 and 12 month allotments. With a choice between three different sizes of assortments, customers are guaranteed something to fit what they are looking for.

The Monthly HarvestClub Organic

The name speaks for itself on The Fruit Company’s third fruit month choice. Only certified organic fruits are included with this option which is incredibly appealing to those who believe in the benefits of eating organic. Fruits are sent in arrangements that are seasonal depending upon the month of the year it is. There are three different schedule options as well as three different sizes to choose from. Indeed, the organic fruit club option from The Fruit Company is a fantastic choice to make.

The Monthly HarvestClub Deluxe

The first shipment on the Deluxe option from The Fruit Company provides customers with a tasty treat of a beautifully arranged fruit basket. This option is not provided in any of the other three types of fruit clubs from The Fruit Company. In fact, few companies that even offer fruit clubs provide a gift basket to start off the order. This gift basket could be used as a gift or even enjoyed for any occasion.

The Fruit Company has plans for expansion as they have found their customer base continues to grow and grow. They’re coming up with all sorts of enjoyable services outside of those of fruit clubs and gift baskets. They have begun tours of their orchard and warehouse as well as believe that the Fruit Heritage Museum will soon be up and running. This museum will honor Roy Webster and all of his efforts pertaining to agriculture. Indeed there are many services provided by The Fruit Company.

The Fruit Company Fruit Baskets

Gifts are considered as tokens of love and affection. Most of us prefer and try to find the best gift for dear ones, as Jim and Della did in O. Henry’s famous story The Gift of Magi. Just think of the upcoming season and you’ll find a lot of occasions, starting from Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and more. Gift baskets are made for all kind of celebrations. A gift basket can be a wonderful idea for your soul mate or a dearest friend or even an ailing person or someone elderly. In such cases, a fruit gift basket is a thoughtful idea. You can get coupon codes for the right gift baskets and send them to your loved ones.

There is no dearth of gift-giving occasions during the year. Marriages, birthdays, celebrations and get-togethers are such occasions, and coupon codes for gift baskets are the most modern and corporate way to express your feelings. Conventional gift choices are fail safe options. On the other hand, what is more confusing is to figure out a good gift for a vegetarian friend or someone who is extremely health conscious. There are plenty of fruit gift basket providers to choose from. But, do all of them provide what you require? With lots of fresh fruits, delightful chocolates and crunchy nuts beautifully decorated within a lovely bouquet, you can expect your recipient to appreciate your thought. With fruit baskets the person you gift will simply be delighted. The Fruit Company is there to meet all your needs. As one of the leading online retailers of fresh fruits and gourmet gifts, it is the best gift shopping destination.

Background History of The Fruit Company

In 1942 Roy Webster decided to set up a new orchard in Northern Oregon. Six hundred acres of prime land on the lush Hood River valley was acquired to begin the journey. Webster’s orchard was set up to provide fresh pears or apples, which were named ‘Oregon Gems ‘and ‘Oregon Beauties’. Soon the company earned a reputation in dealing with satisfied customers. Since then, it has become a family business and has been around through three generations. The fruit company retained its fame while Wayne; Webster’s son was at the helm. But, success came in a newer shape, when Wayne’s sons, Scot and Addison joined the ranks. The fruit company, which had been taking mail orders, now became a nationalized fresh fruit provider, namely “The World’s Finest Fruits”. Their gift baskets became famous and people were eager to acquire coupon codes for these baskets. The business expanded and it soon became a renowned one. Thus, the old company established by Roy Webster emerged as a nationalized gift basket company. Today, it is known as one of the most reputed and leading gift basket providers in Oregon. 2900 Van Horn Drive is the permanent and new address of this fruit company.

Gift baskets reviews aim to provide you an overview of gift products as provided by the fruit company. Gifts managed by this renowned retailer chiefly consist of an A-line range, starting from fruit baskets, gift towers, fruits and cheese to chocolate dipped fruits, dry fruits and organic gifts. Fruits are an all-time and all-age gift. They are healthy and preferred by most. You can select a pretty gift basket, stuffed with delicate pears, sweet strawberries or delightful pineapples. Chocolate dipped fruit is really a great and ‘yummy’ idea. These are good enough for kids and also friends and families. There are also dessert and chocolate packages if you want some sweet gifts. You can also opt for the monthly fruit club for an affordable and easy shipping opportunity. Online shopping by using coupon codes gives you the chance to avail all these easily.

Celebrate With The Fruit Company Gift Baskets

Celebrate your joys and happy moments and let others be a part of it. There are gift baskets for every season and every occasion. There is a difference between a Christmas gift and a Valentine presentation. The fruit company specializes in providing gift products unique to every celebration. Gift varieties include special packages for every occasion, from New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving Day to Father’s Day or Friendship Day celebrations. Get a gift box according to your requirements and make your loved one feel special.

The Fruit Company High on Quality, Low on Price

When it comes to affordability, these items come in the top range of choice. Most of the gift baskets provide discount coupon codes for large online shopping and shipping to help you save. You can go on a shopping spree for everyone without having to worry about the money or the gift. The Fruit Company offers products of various choices. Smart gift items are available from $30 to $200. There are some gift products priced below $30.

The Fruit Company Gift Specialty

These days it has become a rather popular option to present unconventional gift baskets. In this regard there are a number of fruit baskets and gourmet gifts providers. Many of them offer attractive discount coupon codes, too. Apart from the items and unique gifting baskets this company also specializes in customer handling and quality product supply. They know, perhaps better than you, what you require. You get fresh fruits and quality products which are nicely decorated. Each of the gift baskets will bear a note that will be suitable for the occasion.

The Fruit Company Fruit Harvest Club

Apart from gift baskets, you can also be a member of the monthly fruit club of The Fruit Company. HARVEST CLUB gives you the chance to enjoy fresh delivered fruit. Harvest Club offers more than one choice: Americana, Organic, Exotica and Deluxe. will give you detailed information regarding them. Apart from the company details, this website is helpful in making a perfect gift choice. It provides the online viewers sample pictures of the products. Now is the time to present someone with a healthy gift basket. To know the available choices, log on to

The Fruit Company

Roy Webster established a pear and apple orchard in Northern Oregon in 1942. Located on the rich, fertile soil of the Hood River Valley, it became a national supplier of fresh fruit by the time his grandsons inherited the business. Roy and Addison Webster's office for "The Worlds Finest Fruits," the company's name at the time, began in their basement with their garage as the production area. Because of the incredible success of the company, they eventually expanded their packaging area to the Diamond Fruit warehouse. Now named "The Fruit Company," the business has become a leader in international online gift delivery, with high quality and the lowest prices on the market.

The Fruit Company Nut Gifts

With an overwhelming selection of gift basket contents, The Fruit Company offers something for everyone. Kosher and organic food baskets, wine baskets, and even customizable gift baskets with options of fruits, sweets, gourmet nuts, cheeses, etc. are just some of the possibilities that the Fruit Company provides. It also offers a monthly fruit club with four membership options: HarvestClub Americana, Exotica, Organic, and Deluxe. Christmas gifts and ideas, other holiday gifts, and gift ideas for any special occasion make the Fruit Company the perfect option any time. Gift baskets and gift towers are just two of the beautiful presentations by which the Fruit Company arranges its masterpieces. Satisfaction is guaranteed with a 30-day, full-refund policy. The Fruit Company also provides the opportunity for the customer to track the delivery status of every order. The business earned even more merit in 2004 when Oprah Winfrey featured the Fruit Company's Holiday Pear Mixer in her annual Holiday Gift Guide.

The Fruit Company Nut Gift Ideas

The Fruit Company offers a wide selection of nut gifts and other baskets containing gourmet nuts. A number of their Certified Kosher gift baskets feature gourmet nuts, including the Dried Fruit and Nut Tray with pistachios, the Sesame Nut and Fruit Mix with roasted almonds, and the Orchard Fruit Deluxe gift basket with both roasted almonds and pistachios. Several of the nut gifts are available in the baskets under the Cider and Fruit Gifts category. Pistachios and mixed nuts tackle salty cravings while chocolate covered classic or toffee almonds and caramel cashew crunch satisfy the sweet tooth. Gift ideas of dried fruit also feature a great many of The Fruit Company's gourmet nuts. When thinking of gift ideas for Christmas, the Fruit Company is an ideal of source of Christmas nut gifts. For example, the Bountiful Harvest basket contains mixed nuts and chocolate covered almonds while the Mountain of Gifts Tower includes mixed nuts, pistachios, and pecan turtles. Sweet and savory gourmet nuts alike constitute the selection of nut gifts available in the Fruit Company baskets.

The Fruit Company Coupon Codes - Nut Gift Reviews

For coupon codes that offer discounts to customers, Gift Reviews provides access to all existent promo codes and online vouchers. Gift Reviews deals directly with The Fruit Company to procure promotional codes for discounts, free shipping, and more. Gift Reviews guarantees that all coupons visible on its website are valid and contemporary. Should a problem arise, staff members encourage immediate contact through email by clicking on the link entitled "Invalid Coupon Code." Consequently, they may quickly detect and solve the problem in order to ensure a proper discount for the customer. The Fruit Company is proud to assist its consumers financially in the difficult economy, so its array of discount codes ever grows. All it takes is copying a particular code and typing into the text box labeled "Promotional Codes" on the ordering page. Shopping The Fruit Company with discounts from Gift Reviews is definitely an ideal choice for gift ideas of any special occasion.

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