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15% off Valentine's Day Flowers & Gifts at ProFlowers

ProFlowers Review

ProFlowers is one of many online delivery services owned by Provide Commerce. The structure of this delivery service is a bit different from many other providers of high quality gift baskets. Many baskets come from small family businesses, restaurants, or bakeries. ProFlowers is a bit different because they offer products that come from a variety of suppliers. They only offer products that are shipped directly from their producer to ProFlowers customers, so you are not getting gift items that have been transferred through several businesses before reaching your hands. Since this is one of the largest and most respected gift services online today, finding coupon codes is never a problem.

Flower bouquets and plants are the specialty for ProFlowers. Some of their flowers come directly from their own plants, while others ship directly from other suppliers who grow them fresh and place them into attractive arrangements. Coupon codes are readily available for this flower and gift provider, and they are well known for offering affordable flower arrangements for all major holidays. This is one of the most affordable places to find gifts, whether it be flowers or elaborate gift baskets.

Gift Baskets from ProFlowers

The gift baskets offered at all come from Cherry Moon Farms. This is another company in the Provide Commerce network, so it makes sense that Cherry Moon Farms would become a direct distributor to partner with ProFlowers. You can order the baskets directly from the ProFlowers website, but the orders are actually fulfilled by Cherry Moon Farms. The baskets are the same as what you will find if you go directly to the website for this other gift basket provider. There are coupon codes for both companies widely available online, so you might order from one or the other depending on the best codes you can find.

The gift baskets found at ProFlowers include a variety of treats, such as:

  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Chocolates
  • Candy
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Cheese
  • Crackers
  • Wine
  • Nuts
  • Cookies

Each basket is different, and most come in real baskets rather than tins or boxes. Besides gift baskets filled with edible treats, ProFlowers features some of the spa baskets that are offered through Cherry Moon Farms. These baskets include lotions, massagers, oils, and a variety of other products designed to indulge in a different manner. All of these gift baskets are eligible for use with coupon codes, and they can be sent along with flowers offered in other sections of the ProFlowers website.

Creating Unique Gifts

One benefit to ordering from ProFlowers rather than from one of the other companies they work with (such as Cherry Moon Farms), is that you can combine products from different companies and pay for them all at once. You pay for all products through ProFlowers, and then the gifts are delivered to your recipients regardless of where they are coming from. This allows you to use coupon codes for ProFlowers to purchase products from these other retailers, and have your items delivered as elaborate gifts your recipients will appreciate.

For example, you might combine a beautiful bouquet of flowers with gift baskets of your choice, and have them delivered to favorite clients you want to impress around the holidays. This will remind them of your business, while showing that you are thinking of them and value their business. You may also send a gift basket along with a beautiful bouquet of roses to someone special on Valentine’s Day. A spa gift basket is the perfect option for someone you have a romantic relationship with. Coupon codes can be used to bring down the cost of the gift as a whole.

Everyone loves receiving flowers on their doorstep or at work, but flowers combined with largegift baskets stuffed full of delicious treats are an even bigger hit. This is something unexpected, and it is something that you cannot do with every website offering baskets. The set-up of ProFlowers is perfect for putting together more elaborate gifts that your recipients will never expect or see coming. Elaborate gifts can come with elaborate prices, but the use ofcoupon codes will help. If you want to order from more than one company, it is always more affordable to use a code and order from one company featuring products from the other companies, such as ProFlowers.

Ordering Gift Baskets from ProFlowers

The ProFlowers website is nicely designed, so you can quickly find the gift baskets and other products that you want to send to someone special. Gift baskets and fruit baskets are found under the “gourmet gifts” tab, and there are flowers and other gift ideas found throughout the site. Once you have shopped for all of the gift items you want to send at this time, you place them in your basket and checkout in one quick transaction. Even if you are ordering a selection of gifts from a variety of vendors, you pay one time, use your coupon codes once, and get out with a great price.

One other perk to ordering with ProFlowers is that they are a well known, established company that you can trust. This is one of the most popular and respected flower delivery services in the United States, and they have a very good customer service department to handle any problems that may go wrong along the way. That is always important when you are sending flowers, gift baskets, tins, and other gift items to people who may not live around the corner or down the block. If they report a problem with something you send them, you have a place to call and get the problem fixed. The same goes with questions about coupon codes and other issues while placing your order.

Just remember that ProFlowers is primarily a service for flower delivery. They do offer a variety of other gifts items, but their gift baskets do not come directly from them. They do not create your baskets, so any issues with the baskets may need to include Cherry Moon Farms or other vendors being distributed through ProFlowers.

ProFlowers History and Overview

With over a decade in the industry of providing fresh flowers, plants and other gifts, ProFlowers knows how to get it done. They have been in the business of ensuring that they send not just flowers, but beautiful, fresh flowers to fulfill the floral needs of anyone who appreciates gorgeous arrangements.

This company picks their flowers fresh from the fields and delivers the beautiful arrangements directly to their customers. Because ProFlowers is serious about standing by their creed to give beautiful and fresh floral arrangements, they have given a seven day freshness guarantee on every single order that they fulfill. That’s a very big promise to keep. Seeing as ProFlowers has been in business for as long as they have, they must have learned to keep that promise.

From Once a Year to All Year Long

With their humble beginnings on a single farm located in California, ProFlowers started out only servicing orders for Valentine’s Day. They shipped out somewhere around 500 rose bouquets for their little farm. Little did they realize that a decade later they would end up providing floral arrangements of all different varieties to over seven million customers.

ProFlowers services people around the United States as well as from around the world. They have an extensive and impressive selection of over 185 varieties of fresh cut flowers that they obtain from eight different countries. Each of ProFlowers’ farms that are spread out over the globe has their growers taking tender care of the flowers to ensure that fantastic results follow.

Something that helps to set ProFlowers apart from the rest is that since they have their own farms on which they grow their own flowers, they can be sent directly to their customers. By taking out brokers and middlemen, that saves oodles of time and guarantees that the peak of freshness can be enjoyed by the customers. Delays are no longer a problem since ProFlowers has their own farms in which they grow their flowers. Instead of waiting for shipments to pass through several people’s hands, they can simply pick and deliver.

Focused Customer Service Is a High Priority

ProFlowers keeps it simple for their employees. They don’t overload them with tedious tasks. Instead, they simply ask that the employees ensure that only the best floral arrangements are sent to their customers. This direction is simple and efficient. It ensures that the employees understand what they are expected to do. They are not bogged down with endless tasks. Instead, ProFlowers has their employees focused wholly on providing bouquets for people who will want to come back again and again. After all, without repeat business, ProFlowers wouldn’t be a business.

Many companies these days simply don’t want to be bothered with complaints or suggestions. Perhaps they are too busy. If that is the case, these companies are too busy to appreciate what keeps them in business – their customers. ProFlowers realizes that their customers are their business. That is why they urge their customers to contact them if there are any problems that arise. By keeping good communication with their customers, ProFlowers is able to please and exceed customer expectations.

How ProFlowers Delivers Your Flower Arrangement

Where you are located and where you would like your flowers sent will determine how ProFlowers fulfills your order. Their sister brands of ProFlowers International and FlowerFarm are available for delivery to many international companies. For delivery within the United States, ProFlowers has your order sent directly from their farms to your recipients’ door. By doing so, they maintain the peak of freshness for each and every flower to be enjoyed by you and yours.

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