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The idea all began in the 1920’s. Doctors told Frank Davis Sr. that his daughter with severe allergies would fare best living in the Southern states. Recommending that they move to Southern Texas where the climate was the most beneficial for their daughter, Frank and his family moved to Harlingen, Texas. It was here that Frank Davis Sr. met a real estate agent that would essentially change his life. Introducing him to a local farmer name Howard Pittman was a life changing event in both Frank and Howard’s life. Howard grew fruit from his local farm and had always dreamed of selling his award winning citrus by mail. Frank’s area of expertise and job that he was currently seeking in Harlingen, Texas was in the mail order business. It wasn’t long before the two joined forces and became Pittman & Davis. Selling his shares to Frank Davis in the 1930’s, Frank’s son Ned is still the proud CEO of Pittman & Davis. Frank now works with his sons Frank and Ted and his daughter Cathi to bring the world the most delectable fruits around.

Quality is the keyword in the Pittman & Davis business. The quality and taste of the fruit that they supply are simply unbeatable. With the widest variety of local grown grapefruit, Pittman & Davis does something unique, letting their grapefruit ripen right on the tree before picking them. Taking careful attention to prune, feed and care for trees is a work of art in order to produce the gorgeous grapefruit that they offer in their amazing gift baskets. Grapefruit is a very finicky fruit that can only be grown in two areas of the world to provide the most delicious taste that Pittman & Davis provides. Pittman & Davis has packing facilities in both of these regions so they can provide customers with the freshest taste available. Aside from delectable citrus fruits, Pittman & Davis also offers Comice pears, apples and other delicious fruits which are grown and shipped in the Northwest.

What makes Pittman & Davis stand apart from the rest is their demand for the highest quality. They consider less than five percent of the citrus crop good enough to meet their quality standards. Within hours after picking the perfect fruit and determining that the quality and size meet their standards, it is hand wrapped and rushed to recipients. Along with their delectable citrus fruits, Pittman & Davis offers high quality foods that are prepared with the highest quality standards. From smoked meats to gourmet baked goods, all gift baskets that Pittman & Davis sells is of the utmost quality.

Gift baskets offered by Pittman & Davis include delicious selections like citrus fruit baskets that include Ruby Red Grapefruits as well as other varieties such as juicy navel oranges. Order them in cartons, baskets or towers, alone or with delicious extras such as pecans, pistachios, orange marmalade or strawberry preserves. If citrus isn’t what you or your recipient desire, try their out of this world pear and apple gifts. Available in gorgeous cartons with an amazing amount of variety, never before will you have tasted a pear or apple like those from Pittman & Davis. If you simply can’t decide between citrus or their delectable apples and pears, try a fruit assortment basket. Your recipient will be presented with gorgeous grapefruit, apples, oranges and pears which provides a little something for everyone.

What could be better than delectable citrus paired with chocolate? Pittman & Davis’ award winning gift baskets offer the best of both worlds. Recipients will receive the high quality citrus along with chocolate covered citrus and incredible quality chocolates such as English Toffee, Chocolate Orange Pecan Bark as well as many other unbelievable choices. If you desire something a little more gourmet for the family dinner table, try their combinations that include creamy cheeses and gourmet crackers alongside the finest hams and turkeys that can be found. This is all in combination with their gourmet citrus fruits and other fruits and can be topped off with their gourmet desserts!

The variety of gift baskets that Pittman & Davis offers is next to none. Choose from smoked meats, incredible cheeses, mustards, nuts and desserts. There’s a perfect combination for every recipient and every occasion. Customers can choose from single item baskets or combination baskets that provide a little bit of everything. Watch as recipients dive into the gourmet candy gifts including Caramel Apples, Chocolate Covered Pears, Chocolate Toffee Pecans and Almonds, Spice Drops and Poprickle, a delicious combination of popcorn, caramel and nuts.

Other unique choices that Pittman & Davis offers are Club Plan Gifts which include Harvest Clubs by month. Customers can choose from three to twelve month clubs. Once signed up, these clubs provide the freshest fruit from that season to the recipient month after month. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. The also offer flower and plant gifts that include Amaryllis and Paper Whites. Dried fruit gift baskets as well as nut gifts are also a perfect choice for many recipients.

Pittman & Davis also offers free shipping with no need for any coupon codes. They offer free standard shipping on most orders, and will ship as soon as the fruit is ripened to their quality standards. Customers can order Pittman & Davis gift baskets by visiting their website, calling their toll-free number, faxing orders in as well as viewing their mail-order catalogs.

With gift baskets in a wide price range and with an extremely large variety of choices, there is sure to be a perfect gift for everyone on your list. Pittman & Davis offers the highest quality standards in the business with amazing fruits, nuts, meats, candies and desserts that are perfect for any occasion. No where else will you find a wide range of in-season fruits that taste as sweet, juicy and delicious.

Pittman and Davis Company History and Overview

It Started with Allergies

Thanks to an eight year old girl named Jane and her problems with allergies, it forced her parents Frank David, Sr. and his wife to move from their home in Missouri to a warm climate of South Texas. This was the only solution the family could find to help their daughter’s health issues. Although it was never a choice the Davis’ may have made without a push, it was a great choice that ended up as the Pittman and Davis Company that we all enjoy today.

Since Frank had to come up with a new way to provide a living for his newly relocated family, he searched high and low for his options. He ended up meeting through a mutual friend the owner of a local fruit orchard. Howard Pittman soon became a good friend of Frank’s and together they came up with the idea of selling his famous citrus fruits by mail. This business would become the Pittman and Davis Company.

The Pittman and Davis Company specialized in selling citrus fruit baskets via mail. Frank’s job back in Missouri had much to do with mail order, so this was just up his alley. The two came up with Pittman and Davis and eventually became an unstoppable force. They began to service families from across the US with their prize winning citrus. With gifts priced as low as $10, they realized the need for having inexpensive, quality gifting options.

Only the Top Five Percent

The citrus they use at Pittman and Davis for their fresh fruit baskets is truly unique. The reason for this is that in order to meet the expectations of Pittman and Davis, the citrus is in the top five percent of the total citrus fruit crop. Only that much meets their high standards. Each piece of fruit is handpicked and then directly shipped out to fulfill your order with the utmost freshness.

Talking about how fresh the fruit is at Pittman and Davis may not mean that much to you until you’ve experienced. To help you realize how serious they are about their quality of freshness, Pittman and Davis have created a guarantee to put all your worries to rest. Their guarantee states that if you or your friends are not absolutely delighted, the price will be refunded or the gift will be replaced. Satisfaction is the number one goal for you, their number one priority.

While several companies include fruit baskets in their product list, one of the best options is definitely Pittman and Davis.


Pittman and Davis is a family-owned business that's been producing and selling quality fruit for more than eight decades. Frank Davis, Sr. and his family moved from the state of Missouri, to Texas. That was due to the warm climate of the state. In Texas, Frank met a man named Harold Pittman. The two men collaborated to create a mail-order company that specialized in citrus fruits. The rest, as they say, is history. Over 80 years after Davis and Harold created their business, the company is still selling several quality products (including fruit baskets)


What makes Pittman and Davis one of the top mail-order citrus fruit companies in the world? Here are some of the features of the company:

1. Affordability

You can find Pittman and Davis available in a wide array of prices. In fact, you even find products with a price tag of about $20. The affordable costs means that you'll be able to get more value for your money. So instead of buying one gift, you could buy multiple items instead. That's definitely a plus if you're on a shoestring budget, or just want to get more value.

2. Freshness

This is one of the hallmarks of Pittman and Davis fruits. Mere hours after being picked, the fruit is carefully selected, and then shipped to customers. All of the products from Pittman and Davis are fresh. Besides its quality fruit products, freshness is also a quality of its pastries, baked goods, smoked meats, and so on.

3. Guarantee

Pittman and Davis wants to be assured that you're 100% satisfied about its various products, including its lovely and tasty fruit baskets. That's why it provides a satisfaction guarantee with every order. In fact, the company has been providing this guarantee since 1926. The company guarantees that it will replace or refund your purchase if you're not 100% satisfied after receiving it.

4. Quality

Pittman and Davis realizes that quality starts with the fruit tree. So it carefully maintains its trees, before they're ready to produce top-quality fruits for their customers. Texas is the perfect location for producing tasty tropical fruit, such as grapefruits. The conditions of such fruit trees must be perfect. Combining those conditions with the meticulous maintenance of the fruit ensures that the grapefruit will have top-notch quality. In fact, less than 5% of the company's citrus fruit crop is good enough to meet the standards of Pittman and Davis.

5. Shipping

Shipping quickly and accurately is one of the priorities of Pittman and Davis. Whether you order one or 100 items, you can be assured that you'll receive your complete order promptly. Express shipping is also available, giving you the ability to receive your order sooner if you need it for an upcoming event.


Products from Pittman and Davis include fruit baskets containing tasty fruit such as grapefruit, pears, apples. Here are some of the most common components of their gift baskets:

  • Apples: An apple a day can indeed keep you fit as a fiddle. Apples are available in a wide array of different colors, flavors, and varieties. They're also quite healthy, and contain several vitamins and minerals that we need in our day-to-day diet-such as Vitamin C.
  • Candy: If you crave some sweets, then candy is the perfect option. Pittman and Davis products include a wide array of different candies, including jellybeans, chocolate-covered fruit, caramel-covered fruit, and so on. In fact combining tasty fruit and sweet confectionery coverings can create the perfect dessert or snack.
  • Cheese: Sometimes being cheesy can be a good thing. Pittman and Davis offers various cheese gifts that include some of the world's tastiest gourmet cheeses. These cheeses are the perfect option when you want to complement the company's other product types, such as fruit baskets. Many people today aren't getting enough calcium in their diet, so cheese gift baskets are one of the best solutions. From cheese balls to cheese wheels, Pittman and Davis offer several types of cheese in several different forms.
  • Grapefruit: Due to its being a tropical fruit, many of us can only enjoy grapefruit during the summertime. Fortunately, regions in the USA such as Texas are warm enough to produce tasty grapefruits throughout the year. Such fruits aren't just tasty. They're high in Vitamin C and are an excellent food for increasing your metabolism.
  • Meat (smoked): Although it seems that people are eating less meat today, smoked meats can actually be quite healthy. Pittman and Davis offer several types of smoked meats, including turkey, ham, bacon, and tenderloin. These products are much healthier than other meats on the market.
  • Nuts: Nuts are an excellent source of various vitamins and minerals, such as protein. For vegetarians, they're also an excellent alternative to meats. Pittman and Davis carry several gift products that include nuts. Whether you prefer them with salt or chocolate, the company's product list includes several attractive gift sets that feature nuts.
  • Oranges: Navel oranges are one of the tastiest types available. Like other citrus fruits, oranges are quite high in Vitamin C, and can effectively help you to lose weight. No Pittman and Davis order is complete without including navel oranges.
  • Pastries: From cookies to cakes, and from strudels to empanadas-Pittman and Davis offer several types of tasty pastries. They're perfect for completing a meal, or as snack in-between meals.
  • Pears: This is yet another of the quality fruits offered by Pittman and Davis. Like their other fruits, pears from the company are equally tasty and nutritious. They've also been carefully grown and selected to ensure that you get the best pieces available.

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