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Organic Bouquet offers more than the gift of flowers with their online collection of beautiful, unique products. Not only do they provide beautiful floral arrangements, but they are also determined to make a difference for the environment as well. This company, thanks to their CEO, has a mission for economic, environmental and social sustainability. all selections available are obtained from using only the highest social and environmental procedures. Every single product that is purchased from Organic Bouquet contributes to improving a grower’s life in some form or other.

Organic Bouquet markets itself as a ‘mission based company’ with its core missions being to protect the environment and further the development and welfare of flower growers and the artisans through its business of providing organic flowers and gift baskets. As is evident from the way the company is regarded amongst customers and its peers, it is one of the largest organic and eco friendly online florists. Here are some highlights of the company that has displayed its concern for the environment in many small ways.

The Range of Products and Their Features

The range of products offered by Organic Bouquet consist of organically grown roses, gerberas, sunflowers, lilies, gourmet foodstuffs, organic fruits, wreaths, wine, dried herbs, live plants and gift baskets. The company boasts of a wide variety of such products with distinct properties. For example, it has different types of such gift productsdesigned for picnics, fruit lovers, chocolate and wine aficionados, nuts enthusiasts, generic seasons like Christmas, sports and herb lovers. Moreover, it may even be possible for a potential buyer to have various combinations of these types of gift products created and to have it sent along with a bouquet from the company.

Apart from this, the company offers a range of gift baskets designs from classic styles to modern trends. Moreover, there are also a set of standard bouquets and gift products that an individual can have modified to suit specific purposes. It is also worth mentioning that there are many coupon codes and special seasonal offers circulating on the internet that a potential buyer can take advantage of.

Eco Friendly Standards Used to Grow and Source the Material

The products offered by Organic Bouquet have the distinction of being grown, produced and acquired only through the most stringent of eco friendly standards. The range of standards that this gift baskets company can boast of include USDA, Veriflora, Biodynamic, Fair Trade Certification, Global Organic Textile, Swiss Certifications, FlorVerde, Ecocert, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Labor Practices, FlorEcuador Certification, Eco Blooms and Carbon Offset.

Moreover, every product or supplementing accessory sold by Organic Bouquet is organic in nature. The firm does not just acquire its material from some middle man who claims it to be organic and eco friendly, but they actually go to the source of the material. Essentially, whatever type of gift basket a person picks out from Organic Bouquet, one thing that he can be sure of is that the gift basket will not only be helping the environment in some way but also the people who are actually behind the materials used in the gift baskets.

Delivery Process of Ordered Gifts and Products

Organic Bouquets has the capability of delivering its products such as flowers and gift baskets to any corner of the United States of America. While, like the rest of online flower companies, it delivers products without water, the gift products are delivered in eco friendly packaging. In fact, everything including shipping boxes, paper sleeves, glass vases, gift cards and inserts are made up of recycled materials that are acquired through sustainable processes that are designed to be beneficial to the environment.

Additional Information on Gift baskets from Organic Bouquets

Organic Bouquets also has various monthly programs for gift baskets that are active throughout the year or for special seasons such as the monthly gift club, corporate gifts club or even the eco points club. In addition to this, the company has strong tie ups with 46 different compassionate organizations and has a whole section consisting of 48 products dedicated to catering to these organizations. In effect, when a sale is made on any of these products a certain amount of money is donated to a charity organization connected to that product.

A Strong and Effective Customer Service Section

Organic Bouquets boasts of a very strong and effective customer service department in terms of both static customer service and dynamic customer service. With regard to static customer service, the company has an easy to understand and comprehensive FAQs section on its concise and simple website dealing with all types of products including gift baskets. With respect to dynamic customer service, there are various ways that customers can contact the company, whether it is for a query or simply to track the order. In fact, an order can be tracked through the internet, via email or even by telephone.

Media Coverage and Recognition

Organic Bouquets has been covered by the media on a number of occasions, with the most prominent examples being that of ABC’s famous show ‘The View’ and People Magazine. Moreover, apart from being the focus of attention within the media, the company, due to its ability to combine environmentally friendly techniques with efficiency, has the distinction of being the official florist and gift baskets provider for many high profile events in the country.

The CEO of Organic Bouquets

The CEO of Organic Bouquets, the most respected online flowers and gift baskets provider, is Robert McLaughlin who has a history of being in the farming business. The history of the CEO of Organic Bouquets is the prime reason why the company is so conscious about its responsibilities to the environment and humanity. Robert McLaughlin saw the effects of chemicals used in farming on the environment and people in the early parts of his career.

It is also worth mentioning that Robert McLaughlin has seen almost every aspect of farming, distribution and delivery in the twenty years he spent in the industry before starting his company. This is also the source of the company’s operational expertise that it is respected for in the industry.

Buying Gift baskets from Organic Bouquets

For any individual who cares about the environment, there is no better option than Organic Bouquets because of the way it conducts its business. Moreover, the company is also ideal for individuals who like to think that they are giving the world something in return for their success and happiness because of its initiatives towards helping various charitable organizations.

Looking at More than the Bottom Line

Organic Bouquet realizes that flowers and other greenery that are organically grown have a far more gentle effect upon the earth. By using biodegradable, green packaging, the crops, it is a safeguard to ecology. They also believe in presentation and style as they realize their products are meant for the purposes of appealing to the eye. Although all of the packaging used with Organic Bouquet’s products is produced using green methods, they are still stylish and appealing in form.

A Man Who’s Made a Difference

The CEO of Organic Bouquet, Robert McLaughlin, worked on a small farm in central Florida in his younger days. About 25 years ago, Robert learned on the small farm how to do many different parts of growing and caring for plants. Perhaps he didn’t realize how important this experience of working on the small farm would be for his future. He would later turn his hard work and knowledge gained from that experience into a successful flower selling business.

McLaughlin realized the dangerous and harmful effects of synthetic chemicals as he watched the head agronomist on the farm die at age 68 due to the toxic, chemical exposure. Of course, this is a young age for anyone to die and the realization that it was due to the chemicals being used throughout farming made Robert cringe. There was no doubt in his mind that these harmful effects were dangerous for every farmer using them as well as the environment itself. Robert knew quite certainly that it could be done better.

A Better Way

The current CEO of Organic Bouquet ended up spending 20 years in other parts of the floral industry after his experience on the farm. He spent time as a driver, salesman and merchandiser until he finally undertook his own business venture. From McLaughlin’s vast experience with seeing firsthand the dangerous and terrible effects of pesticides on both the environment and people, he was dedicated to making a change. Having his own business has allowed him to make a direct affect upon those around him and as far away from him as South and Central America. His dedication to making a positive change is truly inspiring.

As a company that makes their livelihood off of the vegetation they are able to grow, they are fully dedicated to protecting the environment. This does not only mean that they do not use chemicals themselves. It also means that their partners in every aspect of business are chosen based on their choices for sustainability. Each and every effort is made with Organic Bouquet to make this world a better place.

A Company That is Certified Organic

Organic Bouquet has made every effort to maintain their status as being certified organic. Third party agencies such as USDA, Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance have conducted the certifications to ensure that organic procedures are maintained. Organic products can be more difficult to cultivate in that pesticides are not used. Chemicals to help the growth process are also not acceptable in order for flowers and plants to be certified organic. Organic Bouquet believes that it is worth every effort to maintain their methods of growing flowers.

Along with Organic Bouquet’s continuing efforts to social responsibility, they have become involved with several community projects worldwide. There are nearly 50 partnerships with charitable organizations and Organic Bouquet to help to make an even bigger difference in the world. Of course, each effort that is made has positive results for the company. Shareholder values have grown to new heights as karma has returned the favor. The better Organic Bouquet seems to do financially, the more they seem to give back.

Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility

Some partners that have teamed up with Organic Bouquet in their efforts for environmental protection and social responsibility would include USDA, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Accion International, Conservation y Dessarollo, Florverde, Flor Ecuador, Veriflora, Carbon Fund and the Nicaragua Reforestation Project. Together, these likeminded entities have been able to accomplish grand and wonderful things.

Some noteworthy projects conducted by these companies have included helping to fund enough money to send 300 girls to school for the first time in Kochi, India back in 2008. Every product purchased from Organic Bouquet that arrived in a cotton bag helped to educate a child in need. More recently, an outreach program was added to help the farmers in Ecuador to finance the cost of flower seeds. By literally financing the seeds themselves, Organic Bouquet enabled these farmers to make a living in an environmentally friendly way.

How Organic Bouquet Delivers Your Flowers

Organic Bouquet uses FedEx as their solution to shipping. All shipments are packed for your specified arrival time to your recipient. Tracking is made available as every floral order is shipped directly from Organic Bouquet’s farms in Ecuador and California. Because shipments are sent directly from the farms, middle men are cut out and delivery is quick and efficient. With speedy, reliable shipping that has tracking information included, Organic Bouquet ensures that their customers’ orders are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Beautiful, Eco Friendly Fruit Baskets

This company offers beautiful organic gifts ranging from flowers to plants to gourmet food items to wreaths and even delicious fruit baskets. Organic Bouquet offers more than these delightful gifts, though. They stand for the cause of environmental, economic and social sustainability. Companies that worry about social issues are few and far between. This company stands out from many others with both their services and their mission to improve poor conditions for others.

Firstly, the Organic Bouquet Company clearly specializes in organics including organic fruit baskets and other organic goodies. By growing produce organically, it leaves a smaller environmental footprint which improves the earth’s atmosphere. They are also careful to only use recyclable packaging that still looks incredibly appealing for your gift giving presentation.

Organic Bouquet and Their Cause

With over 48 partnerships with charitable organizations, Organic Bouquet is doing their part to help communities around the world. One of their many notable accomplishments in their journey to improve the world is their work to raise enough money to send 300 girls to get education in Kochi India just a few short years ago. These girls came from families that otherwise could not afford their education.

Every time you purchase something from Organic Bouquet, whether it be fruit baskets or something else, you are helping to further their causes. Of course, because Organic Bouquet does not use chemicals in their food baskets and fruit baskets, they are far healthier gift options than most companies offer. Health is in and to be able to give a beautiful, healthy gift while helping those in need is one of the best combinations you could have today.

An Example of Social Responsibility

Led by their CEO, Robert McLaughlin, Organic Bouquet has done more than gathered delicious, healthy fruit baskets together for the purpose of gift giving. Robert has understood the dangerous effects of chemicals and worked hard in ensuring this company be certified chemical free. They have worked toward a cause to better the lives and the environment around them. Taking their social responsibility seriously, this Organic Bouquet understands the meaning of worrying about more than just the bottom line.

Organic Bouquet offers organic gifts that range from beautiful plants to flowers to wreaths, as well as gourmet food products and mouth watering fruit baskets that will tempt any palate. There is more that is offered with these wonderful gifts, though. Organic Bouquet stands firmly behind social sustainability, economic and environmental causes. It is not often that one finds a company who takes social issues to heart, and Organic Bouquet stands proudly above many other companies with their mission and their services in improving poor situations for others. The company of Organic Bouquet firstly specializes in organic produce that includes organic goodies and fruit baskets. By growing and producing products in an organic environment, it will leave a much happier environmental footprint which will ultimately improve the atmosphere of the earth. To add to the care of Organic Bouquet, they are careful to use only recyclable packaging for all their gift presentations that will nevertheless still look incredibly appealing.

Organic Bouquet is associated with more than forty eight partnerships in charitable organizations and are involved in helping communities worldwide. One of the most notable accomplishments of this company in helping to improve the world and its people happened a few years ago when the company raised enough money for three hundred girls to be educated at Kochi India. All the girls were from families that would not have been able to afford an education for their children.

Organic Bouquet is certified a chemical free company

Every time that something is purchased from the Organic Bouquet company, whether it is fruit baskets or any other wonderful produce that they offer, customers are helping in furthering the company's causes. Absolutely no chemicals are used in Organic Bouquet fruit baskets and food baskets, which ultimately means that this company's gift options are a lot healthier than what most other companies offer. To be healthy is definitely in, and when a beautiful as well as healthy gift can be given to someone while at the same time being able to help those who are in need it is certainly a good combination. Robert McLaughlin, the CEO of Organic Bouquet, has not only gathered healthy and delicious fruit baskets to be able to give as a beautiful gift. Robert also understands how dangerous chemicals can be and the effects they have on people and the environment and has worked hard to make sure that Organic Bouquet is certified a chemical free company. The company has worked towards bettering the lives of everyone as well as the environment that is around them. Organic Bouquet takes social responsibility very seriously.

Organic Bouquet is also the biggest online retailer of organic and eco-friendly floral gifts. All of their flowers grow in an environmentally friendly atmosphere and also provides exceptional resources for artisans and farm workers. The company partners with selected flower farms that are found in California, Columbia and Ecuador. All of these flower farms have to follow rigorous growing practices that are all monitored by certification agencies as well as associations. When flowers are bought from Organic Bouquet, the lives of flower farm workers, their families and local floral communities are all being helped to improve.

All Organic Bouquet flowers and gifts are environmentally friendly

The eco-friendly floral arrangements include calla lilies, roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, sunflowers, hyacinths, blue iris and alstromeria lilies. Apart from these beautiful floral arrangements, Organic Bouquet offers fruit baskets, gift baskets, nut baskets, gourmet cookies, gourmet chocolates, wreaths, plants, organic cotton attire, organic linens and organic towels. This entire range is certified eco-friendly. Environmental benefits are provided for through the company's involvement in numerous Carbon Offset agendas. Flowers will always make the ideal gift, whether it is for a birthday celebration, an anniversary, a ‘Thank You' floral arrangement, or holiday flowers. When flowers and gift items are sent from this company it will show the receiver that care has been shown towards them as well as the environment. Overnight delivery is guaranteed to all the fifty states nationwide, ensuring freshness and helping in putting a smile on the recipient's face. Both the sender and recipient can be confident of the freshest flowers and gifts that are all environmentally friendly.

Organic Bouquet is dedicated to making a positive change to the earth

Organic Bouquet is continually looking for new as well as exciting products that will help in improving the shopping experience. Hand selected products are acquired from providers that are dedicated to making a positive change to the earth around us. As a gift idea, green plants can be chosen for a garden or home, or the beauty and warmth of nature can be brought indoors with sustainable and eco-friendly wreaths, plants and swags that will complement any home. Sending a flower bouquet is a charming way to show gratitude, affection and other sentiments and is a wonderful way in which to celebrate with family as well as friends. The recipient will know that they are being thought of, and the gift will also be shared by future generations because the chemical fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides within the air, water and food will be reduced.

Organic Bouquet offers sustainably grown, organically certified stems that are part of the company's commitment in providing the finest live plants, blooms and numerous gifts that are all eco-friendly. The company's organic, eco-friendly blooms are delivered to the recipient overnight and will arrive looking beautifully fresh with radiant colors as well as pleasing and natural aromas. The organic flowers are sustainably grown so that the earth, the bees as well as other pollinators, and the farm workers and their families that are relied on for the food supply are not harmed in any way. Every growth step is monitored and then certified earth-friendly.

Each item in the Organic Bouquet selection has been created out of concern for the Environment

When sending a gourmet gift from Organic Bouquet, customers can be confident in the knowledge that each item has been created out of concern for the environment. Flowers that are sustainably grown, fair trade chocolate gifts, organic spice gift baskets, eco-friendly wines, eco-friendly gardening gift baskets, eco-friendly and luxuriously sensual bath and body products, and nut gift and fruit baskets all offer delectable and delicious all-natural gifts that anyone will love to receive. A wine aficionado will enjoy receiving a bottle of organically certified Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris. Chocolate lovers will drool over fair traded Swiss truffles and chocolates. Tea lovers will enjoy opening a tin of tea, timers and honey pearls that will please and pamper them. Sweet pies, delicious cookies, and the all-natural fruits and nuts gourmet gift basket will certainly make anyone's day.

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