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Manhattan Fruitier Review

Of all the hundreds of gift baskets we have reviewed, Manhattan Fruitier is without peer in its elegance, highest quality and immaculate presentation. If you are looking for a gift to impress, to make the recipient feel like a courted woman just presented with a diamond, look no further. This New York company creates exquisite gift arrangements exuding pure luxury; their gifts will reflect the high esteem and appreciation the giver holds for the receiver. Here resides the ultimate in a lasting good impression.

"Our mission is to make the nation’s most beautiful, highest quality fresh fruit gifts. We will always surpass the expectations of our customers through our attention to detail and the quality of our products. Every contact with the public, including marketing, customer service, delivery and the gifts themselves, shall reflect our discerning sensibility. We will achieve our mission while conducting all of our business relationships with honesty and integrity, and treating our co-workers with courtesy and respect". - Jehv Gold, Founder

Manhattan Fruitier, born and bred in New York, has succeeded in creating a classic reminder of the carriage trade of the turn of the twentieth century, when perfect luxury items were delivered to the door of the receiver by horse drawn carriages and drivers in full livery. The components of their fruit and gift baskets are selected from the highest quality products available assembled by skilled artisans, presented in the most elegant and beautiful way available, and resembling what some have described as a Dutch still­life painting. High praise indeed.

If you live in New York, you may still receive a personal delivery from Manhattan Fruitier, reminiscent of those by­gone days. However, online orders receive the same level of quality and attention to presentation as local deliveries. Each piece of fruit will be hand selected for freshness, taste, and quality, and each item in the gift basket will be presented to create the most powerful and lasting impact on the person receiving it.

Fruit Baskets:

Any discussion of the collection of gift items in a Manhattan Fruitier hamper or basket must begin with the fruit. Fruit is always the perfect gift—delicious, appealing, healthy, and personal. Well known for their incredible selection of fresh fruit from local sources and around the world, Manhattan Fruitier presents their perfect fruit individually and in groups for maximum visual impact.

Fruits such as apples and pears have been individually selected from New York farms. Each crop is tested annually to ensure top quality and best taste. Each piece is individually inspected before it is placed in the gift basket. Similar standards are applied to other fruits obtained from around the world. You may find such exotic fruits as Lychees, Asian Apple Pears, Carambola, or Feijoa. If you don't recognize these fruits, don't worry. Most people don't, but that is what makes these unusually beautiful fruit baskets such fun.

Some fruit baskets may consist of all organic fruits. Others may include more recognizable fruits such as grapes, pomegranates, plums, and a variety of other fruits in season.

Each fruit basket is accompanied by large assortment of other quality gift items, often selected around a theme. The gift may convey congratulations, thank you, or sympathy. It may celebrate a holiday, or some other special event. You may wish to thank or woo a business client.

There can be handmade chocolates, delectable brownies in a wooden box, cookies, glazed nuts, chocolate dipped dried fruits, cheeses, savories and even smoked salmon. The gift may include beautiful displays of fresh flowers and other non­edibles beautifully arranged in luxurious baskets or hampers, well beyond the typical cellophane and cheap ribbons of other purveyors.

Other Gift Ideas:

Manhattan Fruitier has grown beyond the fruit basket business. Gift baskets may now offer high quality themed gift ensembles:

Wine and Spirits Baskets cater to the most discriminating tastes. High quality and delightful tasting alcoholic beverages are matched with complementary gourmet treats.

Manhattan Fruitier Organic Hampers are organic foods at its finest. An extensive selection of lush organic fruits are complemented other organic foods in the basket.

Three Part Harmony is the name given to particularly customized baskets which include roses, fresh fruits and chocolates.

Offered at an affordable price is the Fruit and Chocolate Medley, a choice that does not lose that luxurious appeal. You will find five fine fruits in a hamper accompanied by eight gourmet chocolates.

Custom baskets can be assembled to reflect your personal preferences. Starting with six pounds of perfect fruit in a willow hamper, you may then add your choice of treats from a wide selection. You may add as much as you are willing to spend. The treats range from the savory to the sweet, chocolates to flowers, brownies or cookies, dried fruits and beyond.

Coupons for Manhattan Fruitier through Giftreviews:

A gift from Manhattan Fruitier will never be the most economical choice. For cheap gifts and great bargains, you will have to go somewhere else. However, Manhattan Fruitier exclusively offers a 15% discount on all their gifts when ordered through our Giftreviews portal.

Whether you are discounted or you pay full price, you will send an elegant gift of unmatched quality carefully packaged in wicker hampers or keepsake wooden crates and adorned with artistically designed ribbons. No packaging detail is overlooked so that the gift arrives in pristine condition.

Ordering through Giftreviews assures you that your gift will be exactly as described, and will offer you substantial savings, both in research time and in price.

Manhattan Fruitier History and Overview

Manhattan Fruitier has a well established reputation for creating beautiful luxury fruit baskets and gift baskets with only the finest components. This is never going to be the most economical choice and it is never going to be the place you go for the best bargains on cheap gifts. It is the first place you might turn for very high end gifts that leave a lasting impression on someone special.

There is a clear place in the market for more expensive fruit baskets filled with delicious, plump fruits, flowers, lemon leaves, and other components that please the eyes and nose just as much as the taste buds. You can use Manhattan Fruitier baskets for gifts to loved ones, but they also make excellent corporate gifts to business partners or perspective clients that you really want to impress.

The History of Manhattan Fruitier

Manhattan Fruitier has been in operation since 1987 and is a real store that you can walk into and browse around if you are ever in Manhattan. They started out as a customer-oriented service putting their gift and fruit baskets together by hand and that remains the focus of their business today.

You can now order Manhattan Fruitier gift and fruit baskets online and have them delivered right to your loved ones, but the spirit of hands-on assembly remains intact.

The fruit baskets put together by this company are said to resemble Dutch paintings. They are intended to be amazingly beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. In fact, they are so beautiful that recipients often don't want to open them up and start eating!

The company remains in operation today and can be considered one of the biggest names in the fruit basket business because of their devotion to selecting the best fruits, packaging everything by hand, and delivering beautiful luxury quality baskets that everyone wants to receive.

What's Inside a Manhattan Fruitier Basket?

What goes inside a Manhattan Fruitier basket is what really makes it stand out and grab the attention of recipients. Rather than just throwing some fruit inside a basket and shipping it out, this company actually hand selects all of the fruit as well as other ingredients to create baskets that are visually appealing, nice to smell, and absolutely delicious to bite into.

You will find a lot of ordinary fruits in these baskets, but there are also some very unusual fruits included in many of their fruit baskets. For instance, here is a short list of the more unusual fruits often included:

  • Lychees
  • Asian Apple Pears
  • Carambola
  • Feijoa

If you don't know what those things are, don't worry! Most people don't, and that is what makes receiving these unusually beautiful Manhattan Fruitier fruit baskets so much fun. The baskets can combine these unusual fruits along with grapes, pomegranates, plums, and a variety of other fruits that everyone knows about and has tasted before.

Some fruit baskets may also include dried fruits, glazed nuts, chocolate, and other fine treats. Everything is gourmet quality and tastes delicious. You can always count on the quality being very high from this company no matter what is included in the basket.

There may also be flowers and other non-edible items included in select baskets from Manhattan Fruitier. This is what gives their baskets that picturesque appeal. They could in fact serve as the focal point for an oil painting by an inspired artist!

Organic Fruit Baskets from Manhattan Fruitier

Fruit baskets that contain all organic fruits and other organic treats are increasing in popularity, but not all gift and fruit basket companies are offering them yet. Many companies have one or two organic options, but they can't compare with the more extensive selection offered by Manhattan Fruitier.

When you order an organic basket you will receive all organic fruits and other treats such as organic chocolate. This is the healthiest way to go since the fruit is grown without pesticides and unnatural fertilizers and the other treats won't have dangerous chemicals or preservatives.

Manhattan Fruitier Bestsellers

If you're intrigued by the high quality of these baskets or like the idea of picturesque gift baskets that have been hand assembled by real people, you may be wondering what the bestselling gift baskets from the brand may be. Here are the names and a short description to help you understand why customers love them:

Fruit & Chocolate Medley: this is one of the best fruit gift baskets from the brand because it is offered at an affordable price yet doesn't lose that luxurious appeal. You get a willow hamper filled with five different fruits and eight chocolates wrapped in gold foil. This offers a sample of delicious fruits with the guilty pleasure of gourmet quality chocolate. Excellent bargain!

Organic Fruit Hamper: a willow hamper is packed with six pounds of organic fruit. The fruit is chosen according to season and everything is guaranteed to be organic. For just $5 more you can add in two edibles such as dried mangos or chocolate bars.

Customizable Fruit Hamper: this is a willow hamper that allows you to determine how stuffed and fantastic you want it to be. The basic price starts with a willow hamper filled with six pounds of fruit. You then add treats into the mix depending on how much you want to spend. The options are a sweet treat, savory treat, occasion cookies, roses, handmade chocolates, brownies, and butter cookies.

Three Part Harmony: these baskets have some options so they are partially customizable. They combine roses, fresh fruits, and chocolate. This is a great gift to send to that someone special when you really want to show you are thinking about them. This could also be an excellent way to accent a romantic evening.

Just from this list of bestseller fruit baskets, you see that Manhattan Fruitier offers something a bit different from many other gift basket companies. Everything is first class and high luxury. There are some options with very reasonable prices or you can go all out and find something truly special that will make a lasing impression.

19th Century Feel

In an effort to create a classic reminder of the 19th century carriage trade of New York, Manhattan Fruitier has created very stylish and unique baskets. Receiving a gift from Manhattan Fruitier may take many back to the day when pristine gifts were hand delivered by horse-back carriages. Something about the personal touch of these gifts makes each and every one feel completely and totally special.

The Manhattan Fruitier gourmet gift baskets have been created to suit the needs of any gift-giving day. With the skilled artistry in which each arrangement is decorated, they resemble to many a Dutch still-life painting. Better than black and white, alive with beautiful colors and scents that make the mouth water and your taste buds tingle, the fine fresh fruit baskets of Manhattan Fruitier have a way of making people stop in their tracks.

The Manhattan Fruitier fruit baskets are given a little something extra with the addition of lemon leaves and floral enhancements. The displays are reminiscent of the pre-industrial time period which, to give you an idea, is roughly between 1890 and 1910. The packaging reflects expertise hand arrangements unlike many of the machine produced products of competing companies.

Martha Steward Favorite

There are no secrets within the Manhattan Fruitier Company. They proudly display how each and every fresh fruit arrangement is created. In fact, the Manhattan Fruitier Company was honored to have received a visit from Martha Stewart, herself. Martha Stewart is a big fan of the Manhattan Fruitier Company and their fantastic fruit gift baskets.

Inspiration has come from still life paintings and architecture and more. The basket has been lined with greenery like juniper instead of packaging. More durable fruit is placed on the bottom to avoid damaging. Import much of their fruit to exotic countries. They especially appreciate local growers when possible. Many of the fruit varieties are types that are relatively uncommon to the typical consumer.

Their assortments are not only limited to fresh fruits. They also offer handmade chocolate, dried fruits, cheeses, and even smoked Salmon baskets. Floral arrangements are also a fantastic option to consider when using the Manhattan Fruitier Company. With the huge varieties of options for gift baskets, this company has absolutely got everything you may require for your gifting needs.

Manhattan Fruitier

When you are looking for the right gift, a gift basket from Manhatten Fruitier is an exceptional This New York based a company creates beautiful arrangements of items that will reflect the love and appreciation that you have for the individual that you are sending the items to. Take a few moments to learn more about this company and some of the gift codes they will offer you.

Manhattan Fruitier’s Beginnings

The history of Manhattan Fruitier began back in 1987. In their early days, the company specialized in the fruit baskets that were increasing in popularity at the time. Their approach to these baskets though was different as they took the time to increase the level of elegance that each basket has reflected. In fact, instead of the over the top bows and scotch tape that was often found on most choices, the Manhattan Fruitier chose to take a different approach and took a more natural approach to their offerings.

Manhattan Fruitier – Gift Basket Artisens

What you will find is that each of the gift baskets that they offer is designed with quality and excellence in mind. This means that you are going to get the freshest fruit possible for the season that it is being enjoyed in. More importantly, the fruit is hand selected and designed to have a powerful impact on those who do receive a gift from this company. That means that from apples to pears, you will find that many of these choices come from New York farms that have been selected for their high quality pieces of fruit. Each crop is tested annually to ensure that they do have the best tasting fruit and then a visual inspection of each piece of fruit is done before it ends up in a gift set.

This concept goes for the online orders that are placed as well. No matter if you are paying full price or choosing to use gift codes, you are going to get the same level of quality that you can expect from these items. But where this company takes things to the next level is the fact that they do donate the food they can’t use to local food programs. This means they are giving back to their community and that is an important characteristic to find in any company that you are looking to do business with.

Unlike many companies, you are going to find that you do have a chance to get gift baskets that are going to work for you as well. While some companies will have just fruit or candy baskets, you will find that Manhattan Fruitier has more options than that. For example, if you are looking for a quality fruit basket, you can get one that offers fresh apples, pears and even grapes. Those looking for something a little more savory can choose from a selection of meat and cheese baskets.

Manhattan Fruitier Coupon Codes Help Save Money

Of course, even with coupon codes in place, you will find that you can get even more items. During the holidays, you can get a selection of baskets that are designed to say thank you to the people that mean that most in your life. In some cases, you can even find that these work well for corporate gifts that can be given out over the course of the holiday. In addition to that, you will have sweet baskets that are filled with chocolates and nuts that will leave a recipient thinking about how lavish the gift that you gave them is.

Manhattan Fruitier – Wine and Spirit Gift Baskets

The wine and spirit baskets are going to be beneficial to those who love extravagant alcohols as well. With a high quality offering combined with gourmet treats, you are going to find that these gift baskets are going to offer everything you need to make sure that special someone ends up with a gift that they are going to end up loving.

If this is the route you will want to go, you do need to take the time to explore all the different items that this company has to offer. What you will find is that Manhattan Fruitier can send their baskets to anywhere in this nation. While certain locations may have some limitations in place, you should be able to find that most of these items are going to still work for the state that you are in.

One of the nice things that you will find is that if you run into a spot where you have coupon codes to use, but none of the offered gift baskets work for you, it is possible to customize the gift baskets that are available. This is going to allow you the chance to ensure that your recipient does end up getting the perfect gift for all of their needs. In fact, you just might find that this approach helps you to ensure that no two people get the same gift from you and that can help to make each feel they have a truly personalized gift.

With this in mind, you will need to begin to explore all the different choices this company has. With both online and telephone ordering available, you can be sure that you get the information you need from this company and ensure that the gifts that you give remain some of the best that can be found in terms of fruit gift baskets. Just make sure you do take the time to look over the coupon codes that can be found online to see what kind of discounts that you can find and proceed to order the baskets that are going to leave a lasting impression on all the important people in your life. After all, this is going to be one of the few companies that you will find that will ensure that your loved ones do get something that they can cherish for a lifetime. Just make sure you explore all the choices you have in advance and take advantage of the deals you discover.

Manhattan Fruitier

Manhattan Fruitier is well-known for their incredible selection of fresh fruit from around the world that they present in gift baskets not unlike wine baskets. The baskets make great Christmas gifts ideas. Along with fruit gift baskets, many baked goods are also offered including brownies and other baked goods. Choose gift ideas by the season, by various occasions or based on the food such as dried fruit, fresh fruit or baked goods. If you are looking for a gift idea for a picky friend or clients for a sophisticated business, Manhattan Fruitier's gift baskets and gift ideas are exceptional and appropriate. One of these fruit or gift baskets will tell the recipient that you appreciate their business or friendship and that you know they enjoy luxurious gifts.

Manhattan Fruitier Brownie Gifts

In 1987, Manhattan Fruitier opened their first gift shop to give quality fruit gift baskets. The goal was to make food baskets that were beautiful and luxurious instead of the typical baskets that were taking over the industry with cellophane and ugly bows. The food baskets were inspired by Dutch still-life paintings giving the fruit natural beauty. The business was inspired by the carriage trade where many business brought in luxury shoppers to New York City along Fifth Avenue in the 1800s. The service is personalized with luxury and quality. Fruit comes in from around the world that must be the best quality and the freshest. The fruit business grew to offer such food gifts as handmade chocolates, brownies, dried fruit, cheese and smoked salmon.

Manhattan Fruitier Brownie Gift Ideas

The fruit offered by Manhattan Fruitier is exceptional, but their brownies and chocolate brownie gifts are an exceptional accompaniment as well. Find all sorts of variety in the gift ideas and gift reviews offered. You will find lots of fresh fruit as always, but the selection has grown to include brownies and other sweets. The chocolate brownie gifts offered are Walnut Brownies. With plenty of 5 star gift reviews, these brownies are made with natural ingredients that are high quality, and the brownies are presented in a wooden gift box. Chocolate brownie gifts are perfect for chocolate-lovers and anyone who can appreciate a good gift box of delicious sweets. In addition to chocolate brownie gifts, you will find Whoopie pies, butter cookies, chocolate cake and other baked goods. The selection goes beyond quality ingredients and amazing selection. You can find gift reviews on most selections, and you can shop for gifts for him such as the Bar stool Snacker package with beef jerky, bacon peanut brittle, maple bourbon pickles and Martin's Handmade Pretzels. Gifts for her include boxed chocolates, High Hat cupcakes, fresh-cut roses or a Yoga Basket with an organic apple, organic dried apricots and maple soy glazed nuts which are also organic. This basket comes paired with a stainless steel water bottle perfect to carry to yoga class.

Manhattan Fruitier Coupon Codes - Brownie Gift Reviews

Are you worried about the high price tag? If you have multiple baskets to give and you are worried that the price might be too much, look for promotional codes. Promo codes are simple code that can be entered during checkout to reduce the cost of the order. Discount codes are frequently available as a percentage off the order. Sometimes coupon codes offer free shipping on the entire order. If you have ever ordered anything online, you know that the cost of shipping can be very high. Look for online vouchers with coupons codes whenever you shop online. Always have a coupon code ready before placing an order with Manhattan Fruitier for brownie gifts, fruit baskets and other luxurious treats.Manhattan Fruitier

Manhattan Fruitier Cake Gifts, a Review by

If there is someone on your gift shopping list that you are determined to delight, a cake delivery is a sweet and stylish choice. Whether sent as thank-you gifts, Christmas gifts ideas or just-because gifts, beautifully packaged baked goods are always a welcome surprise and a joy to unwrap when freshly delivered to the door. As you peruse gift reviews of various online gift delivery companies, you'll find one name that is consistently praised for its luxurious quality and immaculate visual presentation: Manhattan Fruitier.

Manhattan Fruitier Cake Gifts

Manhattan Fruitier began offering gourmet gift baskets in 1987, and since that time, they have earned their reputation as one of the premier vendors of food baskets in the country. While food baskets and wine baskets already had a long tradition as popular gift ideas in the United States, Manhattan Fruitier felt that there was something missing in the market. Most gift baskets available at the time were gaudily packaged, and offered the same types of commonplace fruits that recipients could easily purchase for themselves at the local grocery store. Manhattan Fruitier opened with the intention of bringing luxury and refinement to the gift baskets market. For inspiration, the company turned to the elegance of times gone by, with basket arrangements reminiscent of the classic Dutch still-life paintings, and customer service inspired by the horse-drawn carriage delivery traditions of New York's 19th century.

Manhattan Fruitier Cake Gift Ideas

With the same eye for detail and quality that has made them preeminent among gift baskets companies, Manhattan Fruitier expanded their offerings to include a full complement of gift ideas. Their range of cake gifts encompasses a variety of sweet treats, so there's surely something to entice even the most discerning sweet tooth on your gift shopping list. Options include decadent chocolate cakes and nostalgic whoopie pie cakes. Whether you're looking for a Christmas cake, wedding cake gifts or just delicious cakes to let friends and family know that you're thinking of them, you'll find it at Manhattan Fruitier. Thanks to their unmistakeable quality and classy packaging, these cake gifts also make an excellent choice for corporate gifts. As an alternative to full-sized cakes, Manhattan Fruitier also offers trendy and tasty cupcakes baked by One Girl Cookies of Brooklyn, a popular bakery well-known to New Yorkers. Manhattan Fruitier cakes are as elegantly presented as any of their products, carefully packaged in wicker hampers or keepsake wooden crates, and adorned with ribbons for a truly special appearance. You won't find any Scotch tape or cheap-looking cellophane here. No packing detail is overlooked in ensuring that the cakes arrive at their destination in pristine condition, so you can feel confident that a Manhattan Fruitier cake delivery will thrill recipients no matter where they are in the country. The company is committed to taking the worries out of online gift delivery.

Manhattan Frutier Coupon Codes - Cake Gift Reviews

When a company offers such high-quality gift ideas and is so well-rated in gift reviews, it's to be expected that the products may be a bit more expensive than many other options available on the market. For those occasions when only the best will do, there are Manhattan Fruitier discount codes available that will help you surprise friends and colleagues without breaking the bank. Coupon codes and online vouchers allow customers to purchase the same mouthwatering cake gifts they would get at full price, but at often significantly reduced prices. In addition to posting in-depth gift reviews, we are dedicated to helping our readers find great promotional codes for gift basket vendors, including Manhattan Fruitier. Armed with these promo codes, you'll be ready to have delectable cake gifts delivered to anyone you want to absolutely delight.

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