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Golden State Fruit Review

For more than 50 years, Golden State Fruit has been delivering high quality gift baskets across the nation. Customers are able to access their website to purchase gifts of different types for the people they love. These items can include everything from simple fruits to more savory items like meats and cheeses. With a number of purchase items, including coupon codes, there will be a number of ways to pay for the gift that is right for you.

While all the fruits that are offered from Golden State Fruit do come from California, a majority of the choices do come from Northern Sacramento. It is will be here that you will find the river deltas that provide the perfect growing conditions for some of the top fruit choices in the world. It is with this in mind that you should understand you are going to have access to some of the highest quality items that can be found online that come directly from the state of California.

Golden State Fruit Focus is on Quality

When you are ordering through their website, you are going to find that the focus does remain on quality. Each of the fruit selections is hand checked and the gift baskets are designed to be visually appealing to everyone that orders them. This means that no matter if you are paying full price or using coupon codes, you are going to get the same high quality fruit and gifts that you would expect to come from a high quality establishment.

In addition to this, you will find that the transit time for each item is no more than 3 days. This ensures that the customer always gets the highest quality fruit and that there is less of a chance of bruising and other concerns that would make thesegift baskets less than desirable. It is with this in mind that you may want to look over some of the choices you have when you locate coupon codes that will work on their website. Just keep in mind that any promotional deal you find may have restrictions, so it will be important that you do look over all the requirements in advance before you place your order with this company.

Golden State Fruit – Fruit Baskets and Gourmet

One of the most common choices you are going to find from Golden State Fruit is the fruit baskets that can be selected. These items can include things like pears, apples and even oranges. What you will find is that each of these arrangements will be full of quality fruit that will represent the best that the local area has to offer. More importantly, the company never packages their gift baskets until the day that it ships. This means that when you setup your order using a credit card and coupon codes, you can expect to receive a quality basket that has the freshest items possible, instead of a prepackaged choice that has been collecting dust for weeks.

When it comes to the nuts, cheeses, pastries and other quality items that are offered in their arrangements, you will find that they do come from the best makers in California. This means you are going to find that every item you receive is exceptional in taste and quality. Keep in mind that gifts that include wine from California’s wine country can also be purchased through this website as well. This means you can give the full range of items that this location is known for and ensure that your loved one ends up having a gourmet experience that they will always remember and cherish.

Golden State Fruit – Fruit Clubs

But for those who are interested in the month clubs offering gift baskets, you will find that the fruit clubs through this website are customizable as well. What you are going to find is that from organic options to premium quality selections, you can get a great deal with free shipping and the ability to ensure that your loved one has the right number of months receiving the perfect treats. Best of all, many of the coupon codes for Golden State Fruit will give you the chance to save money and get an exceptional deal that will be appreciated by the individual who receives your gifts.

As you are going through the choices you will have, delivery date is essential as well. In some cases, you might even want to setup the delivery schedule of your gifts to ensure that they are handled in a timely manner and you won’t have to worry about scheduling birthday and holiday gifts at the last minute. More importantly, if there will be a number of people receiving gifts in a single order, the system is going to allow you to create a single order and break it down for you at no additional cost.

Golden State Fruit has a Fruit Gift Basket for Every Occasion

Keep in mind that the arrangements that the gift baskets are presented in are varied as well. While there is a traditional gift basket, you will also find that things like towers can be found for this company as well. In these towers you get the fruits, nuts and even drizzled chocolate covered strawberries that are popular choices by many of the shoppers that visit this website.

Take the time to begin looking over the one of a kind and gourmet items that you will have a chance to locate on this website. What you are going to find is that with a little effort on your part, you will have the ability to use your coupon codes for some top of the line gifts that the people who mean the most to you will enjoy. In fact, it won’t matter if you are looking for corporate gifts, Christmas presents or even something that will just tell someone that you love them.

Golden State Fruit History

The Golden State Fruit Company has had more than 50 years of experience with working their orchards. Thanks to their incredible experience and know-how, they have developed a reputation for producing fresh, delicious fruits for their valued customers. Their specialties amongst their orchards have been cherry trees and pear trees. The Golden State Fruit Company has placed their lands in the fertile soil along the side of the River Deltas of Northern California’s Sacramento Valley. Only the Golden State could bring the fine fruits that their customers have come to truly love.

The Golden State Fruit Company offers many services for their customers. Among the most notable of their services is their fruit month club. It’s also been referred to as the cfruit club. Their fruit month club provides customers with automatic shipments of fruit each month. They also provide other gifts such as dried fruits and nuts, tower gifts, cheese and even cider gifts. There is even a selection of organic offerings which adds even more diversity to their already impressive product line.

The Golden State Fruit Club of the Month

As it turns out, the Golden State Fruit Company has multiple fruit clubs. They do this so that their valued customers are given a plethora of choices. After all, why not provide customers with options that will best fit their needs? The issue that many customers of other fruit of the month clubs deal with is that they are not provided with the kinds of choices they would prefer.

The Golden State Fruit Company wants nothing more than to give their customers exactly what their customers want. That is why they have come up with multiple options for their fruit of month club. While they provide three specific options for this monthly club at the Golden State Fruit Company, each option is always provided with free shipping. This cuts down quite a bit on customer costs and really makes many customers wonder why they haven’t joined the Golden State Fruit Month Club earlier.

A Look at the Fruit Month Club Choices

The Golden State Fruit DeLite Club is their lowest package available for this type of service here. As mentioned earlier, this package is included with free shipping. The Golden State Fruit Company refers to their DeLite option for their fruit month club as a “light-sized” version of these services. This means it won’t be overwhelming and may be a great option to consider for those who are thinking of purchasing some fruit for friends and family. This will ensure that the fruit will most likely get eaten before it has a chance to spoil. Something that is extra special about the Golden State Fruit Company’s DeLite club is that it does not require executive months for the fruit to be shipped. Customers can pick the exact months they want to start receiving fruit throughout the year. Prices change according to how many months customers would like to have these services.

The Golden State Fruit Premium Club is similar to the DeLite option with the exception that customers are given quite a bit more fruit. They are provided with three fruit options for each and every month they select the fruit to be delivered. Something else that’s provided in the services of the fruit month options is that the fruit will come along with instructions for ripening as well as delicious recipes for which recipients can use on their specific fruits. Again, just like the DeLite option, customers are not forced to have all of their months consecutively together. For instance, if a customer of the Golden State Fruit Company chooses a four month option, they could pick four months sporadically throughout the year that do not need to be close together.

The Golden State Fruit Organic Club comes with snacks and a variety of organic fruit options. Indeed, the Golden State Fruit Company is serious about getting their customers the best of the best. The only way to make delicious, ripe fruit better is if it is organic. The health benefits of organic fruit are substantial and the Golden State Fruit Company realizes this. Their fruit month club strives to provide a fabulous option of organic fruits together with delicious nuts and snacks that can really make any customer’s mouth water. This is the most premium of all the packages and is highly recommended for fruit lovers that realize the benefits of organics and have a sweet tooth to boot.

A Look at What You Might Be Getting…

Each month that is selected when a customer joins the fruit clubs available from the Golden State Fruit Company comes with different delicious fruits. July, for example, provides red plumbs while August offers white and yellow nectarines. October brings pears while December has a delightful array of citrus options. Customers who know what fruits they most prefer can select the months that provide them. This makes shopping easy and the system is absolutely automatic. With the previously stated perk of free shipping, the Golden State Fruit Company seems to have thought of everything to make their customers absolutely thrilled with their services.

The amounts of goodies that will come in the monthly bundles will depend upon the type of fruit club that has been joined as well as the types of fruit. Packages can range anywhere from 1.5 lbs to 5 lbs. Indeed, whether looking for a way to satisfy the sweet tooth or looking for a fabulous gift for family and friends, the Golden State Fruit Company has got something fit for everyone.

Golden State Fruit History and Overview

Customer service counts at Golden State Fruit. Fruit baskets are never packed until after they have been ordered and every basket sent out is guaranteed to arrive fresh and ready to sink your teeth into. Add on very competitive prices on fruit baskets or gift baskets and you have one fruit deliver service you can really depend on.

Besides offering a variety of fruit baskets, Golden State Fruit offers gift baskets that include gourmet quality treats from chocolate dipped giant strawberries to artisan cheeses. They also have a customizable fruit of the month club that allows each customer to determine when their fruit baskets go out, what is packed into them, and when the service starts and stops.

The product selection is pretty amazing, so make sure to check out their website and see what they have to offer.

History of Golden State Fruit

Golden State Fruit is different from most other services offering fruit baskets and gift baskets because they actually have their own orchards. They grow their own cherries and pears which are offered on a seasonal basis in their fruit baskets. Their fields are located in Northern California and they have been growing their own fruit for more than 50 years.

The mail order business was started as a way to get the fresh grown fruits from their orchards out to the world. It has expanded over the years to include gourmet quality fruits and other treats from California. All of the items found in their gift baskets today are handmade by California businesses that are hand selected by Golden State Fruit.

The pear orchards maintained by Golden State Fruit grow a variety of pear types including Bartlett, Bosc, Comice and red pears. They allow each buyer to select which type of pear they want to include in their fruit baskets. Their delicious fresh grown Bing cherries are also an option for months they are in season.

Quality Fruits at Affordable Prices

Since they grow much of the fruit used on their own and source the rest from local California growers, the fruit baskets from Golden State Fruit can be offered at more affordable prices. They offer more customization on their fruit baskets and fruit of the month clubs than most other businesses offering these services and yet they are by far not the highest priced service out there.

Their fruit baskets include quality fruit you can actually afford to send to yourself or out to those you really want to impress!

Fruit Baskets and Beyond

Besides fruit baskets filled with fresh grown fruits from California, Golden State Fruit offers a variety of other products. They have a wide variety of gift baskets and many of them can be customized according to specific holidays or special occasions. These baskets can include a variety of gourmet quality treats, including:

  • Artisan Cheese
  • Handmade Cookies
  • Pastry
  • Gourmet Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Dried Fruits

There are also organic fruit baskets and organic gifts that are composed of entirely organic produce and organic treats. These baskets may be priced a bit higher, but as demand for organically grown produce continues to rise you could see prices dropping in the future.

Once you find the fruit baskets or gift baskets that are just perfect for your recipients (or your own taste buds) you can order without paying shipping. Golden State Fruit throws free FedEx shipping in as a special gift to every customer.

You can even order multiple gifts for multiple recipients in one order. This is a service that not every fruit basket and gift basket provider will offer, but you can do it with Golden State Fruit!

Customer Service You Can Count On

Besides growing their own cherries and pears and offering high quality fruit baskets with fresh, ready to eat treats, Golden State Fruit offers excellent customer service that never leaves a customer out to dry.

If a basket is received in less than fresh or otherwise unacceptable condition, it will be replaced or the money refunded. To ensure high quality fruit and fresh delivery they hand select fruit for all fruit baskets and pack them the same day they are shipped. Customers who are not satisfied can email the customer service department to have the matter fixed immediately.

When you send fruit baskets as gifts from Golden State Fruit you are also given the opportunity to include a special message to your recipient. You can place one order and have multiple fruit or gift baskets sent to different recipients at different addresses. This is an extremely convenient service when you want to send out fruit baskets for holidays or other special occasions.

The real allure of Golden State Fruit is the fact that they grow their own cherries and pears. There are other fruits available in their fruit baskets and through their fruit of the month clubs, but most people order from this provider because of their California grown fruits. The other treats included in their gift baskets are sourced from California as well, which makes this business ideal to loyal California customers.

With excellent customer service policies, customizable services that appeal to everyone, and fresh daily packaging, this is one of the best mail order fruit basket companies out there today. They send fresh, juicy fruits from their orchards to the business or home of your choosing and you don't even have to pay shipping.

You can browse the Golden State Fruit website according to the occasion you are shopping for or the type of product you want to order. They offer accurate pictures that show what their fruit baskets look like and pricing is straightforward and affordable.

Golden State Fruit

Sending a gourmet gift basket is a classy and thoughtful way to commemorate many occasions, and is a gesture sure to be welcomed by anyone with a love of fine food. For a fun and fresh take on fruit baskets, consider gourmet chocolate strawberries.These tasty and perfectly bite-sized morsels make wonderful Christmas gifts ideas, are a lovely touch on Valentine's Day and are a great thank-you or just-because gift. As you browse through gift reviews and gift ideas, you may come across Golden State Fruit, a gift delivery company specializing freshly picked fruit.

Golden State Fruit Chocolate Strawberries Gifts

One of the more recognizable names in fruit gift baskets, Golden State Fruit is located in sunny California and takes pride in sending out the finest and freshest produce that the state has to offer in their gourmet food baskets and wine baskets. From their beginnings in 1942 as one of California's premier fruit purveyors, to their current online gift delivery service, Golden State has always made quality their top priority. In contrast to many other companies selling gift baskets, Golden State manages their own fruit orchards, lush acres of sun-kissed land in the River Deltas of California's fertile Sacramento Valley. This direct control allows the company to ensure that your friends and family open up gift baskets laden with only the most perfect, unblemished and delicious California fruit. Golden State Fruit unconditionally guarantees each gift shipped, so you can feel confident doing business with the company regardless of which gift ideas appeal to you most. It is this kind of dedication to client satisfaction that earns Golden State Fruit high marks in many gift reviews.

Golden State Fruit Chocolate Strawberries Gift Ideas

For those in search of gift ideas beyond the more predictable assorted fruit collections, Golden State offers a number of unexpected and exquisitely delicious options, such as chocolate covered strawberries gifts. Gourmet chocolate strawberries combine the tart juiciness of plump berries with the creamy sweetness of chocolate, a winning and classic combination that few people can resist. They are also as visually appealing as they are delectable. Golden State's chocolate covered strawberries gifts are available in an enticing array of flavors and decorations. Some are dipped in premium dark chocolate, perfect for the true chocolate aficionado in your life. Some are drenched in white chocolate and studded with sugar crystals for an elegant, sparkling appearance perfect for anniversaries or other celebrations. Others are rolled in roasted almonds and peanuts. Chocolate covered strawberries gifts have a more colorful side too, especially when they are drizzled with pink chocolate or loaded with bright birthday sprinkles. Each of these gourmet chocolate strawberries is hand-dipped in Golden State's kitchens, then daintily drizzled with more chocolate or dotted with decorations to create a gift arrangement that is as tantalizing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.Freshness is of paramount importance at Golden State, so each set of gourmet chocolate strawberries is packed the same day it ships.

Golden State Fruit Coupon Codes - Chocolate Strawberries Gift Reviews

After reading through the gift reviews and researching different gifting options, you may decide that gourmet chocolate strawberries are just the thing for letting the special people in your life know that you're thinking of them. If you do opt for Golden State's chocolate covered strawberries gifts, you should know that coupon codes and online vouchers are available for orders from Golden State. Companies selling gift baskets often create promotional codes to help attract new business, and a client using discount codes receives the same quality product and customer service as any other client. With promo codes, you can save a little money and send more gifts, more often.

Golden State Fruit

As a highly rated gifting company for over 50 years, Golden State Fruit Baskets delivers top-quality gift baskets anywhere in the country. The fruit comes directly from Northern Sacramento, California, where the climate conditions of river deltas facilitate the perfect growth and yield the greatest product possible. Golden State Fruit also offers convenient online gift delivery and only assembles the gift baskets the day that they are shipped. Never prepackaged, the baskets are guaranteed to arrive within three days and are thus always fresh and free from blemishes. Free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement and money-back guaranteed satisfaction are also policies of Golden State Fruit that make it an optimal choice for gift ideas of any occasion.

Golden State Fruit Nut Gifts

Product selections from Golden State Fruit are nearly endless, with a diverse array of gift compilations and customizable options for more personal gift ideas. In addition to fruit products, Golden State Fruit offers nuts, cheeses, sweets, and wine baskets as well. All goods are expertly crafted, including fine California wines, delicious baklava, hearty crackers, etc. Customized fruit clubs, including Premium, DeLite, and Organic, allow the customer to choose the goods, months, delivery dates, and arrangements of gift basket orders. From traditional food baskets to towers, the selection of content and appearance is alarming. For the perfect Christmas gifts and ideas, Golden State Fruit also offers baskets with holiday themes such as Christmas trees made of red and green fruit.

Golden State Fruit Nut Gift Ideas

Golden State Fruit sells a wide variety of gourmet nuts and savory nut gifts. For example, the Caramel, Nuts, and Crunch Basket includes peanut brittle, roasted almonds, and trail mix, and other tasty items. The Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Basket also contains peanut brittle, chocolate covered cashews, and almond bark. Gourmet nuts are the exclusive feature in other Golden State Fruit nut gifts, including pistachios, roasted almonds and cashews, and mixed nuts in the Savory Favorites Assorted Nut gifts. Other assortments of gourmet nuts contain cinnamon toffee almonds in addition to roasted almonds, which will satisfy sweet and salty preferences alike. Butter toffee pecans and peanuts as well as chocolate covered almonds and cashews are perfect for the sweet tooth while the salted pistachios, almonds, cashews, and other gourmet nuts cater to propensity for the savory. Golden State Fruit also offers an enormous variety of assortments containing dried fruits and gourmet nuts, organic nut gifts, Christmas nut gifts, corporate, birthday, and sympathy gift ideas, and much more.

Golden State Fruit Coupon Codes - Nut Gift Reviews

Gift Reviews provides up-to-date coupon codes directly from Golden State Fruit. If the coupon code exists, it is guaranteed to be available and valid from Gift Reviews in order to save money for the customer. A list of discount codes is always accessible through Fruit Basket Coupons page of the Gift Reviews website. The first step toward a discounted price is to retrieve a coupon code. When placing an online order, a box labeled "promotional codes" or "promo codes" can be found on the page. Saving money is as fast and simple as typing a particular discount code into the box and proceeding with the online order. Unlike many sites that provide expired or otherwise invalid discount codes, Gift Reviews promises that all visible online vouchers are valid. If ever a problem or error arises in retrieving a promotional code, Gift Reviews requests an immediate email by clicking on the link reading "Invalid Coupon Code" and informing an employee of the problem. Consequently, the staff members will promptly repair the error and grant consumers the discounted values they deserve. Golden State Fruit is indeed an optimal choice for high-quality, cherishable gift baskets at affordable, discounted prices.

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