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Kosher from Beginning to End

Jimmy Libman has never let his handicap of being deaf from birth stop him from any type of achievement and in 1983 this was proven once again with the creation of Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies & Bakery. Fresh and all natural, fine restaurants all over the world offer a selection of the great Kosher Certified baked goods of Gimmee Jimmy's and you, too, can have cookie gift baskets and delightful pastries that have been serving customers for the past 28 years.

Selections Galore

Gimmee Jimmy's cookie gift baskets give you a wide variety of your favorite cookie gifts for holidays, special occasions or a thank you to that special individual. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, chocolate chip M&M, cranberry pecan, double chocolate walnut, heath bar crunch and oatmeal raisin can be mixed and matched for a taste of everything. 5 pounds of 64 cookies will delight guests at a party or as a corporate gift for the entire office to enjoy. Purchase in bulk cookie dough to make as many as you like, whenever you like.

If you find it difficult to find the perfect biscotti, Gimmee Jimmy's will end your search with cherry, cranberry walnut, chocolate chip or pistachio flavors made with the finest natural ingredients. Gluten free will take the worry out of providing a sweet treat for those that have to watch their diets. An ancient recipe from Istanbul that has been carefully crafted by the chefs of Gimmee Jimmy's make the fresh baked gourmet kosher baklava a favorite dessert to look forward to. Made with pistachios, walnuts and almonds and mixed with the finest honey and wrapped with phyllo dough, this confection is like nothing you have ever had.

5-Star Specialties

Cookie gift baskets full of linzer cookies, filled with preservative-free jelly will leave your recipient wondering where you found this marvelous recipe. Two pounds of linzer cookies filled with apricot or raspberry preserves or creamy chocolate mousse are no longer hard to find and make perfect cookie gift baskets for that special occasion or gathering.

Surprise your relatives with cookie gifts that will arrive right to their door for three months by joining the signature cookie-of-the-month club with collections of cookie gift baskets full of wholesome, natural gourmet cookie selections that will not soon be forgotten. Always free shipping so there is no added cost and shipped anywhere in the world.

Gimmee Jimmy's goes out of their way to make special occasions an unforgettable time with cookie gift baskets made to reflect the specific day. Give something different for a baby shower, graduation party or birthday affair. Gourmet lime pie cupcakes, gluten free almond cookie gifts or a yummy chocolate lava one-pound cake will delight everyone in attendance.

Custom Orders

At Gimmee Jimmy's your special occasion is important. Make your wedding, bar mitzvah or graduation come alive with a specially designed dessert that will help make the day perfect. Contact the staff at Gimmee Jimmy's to discuss your request. Logos, pictures, candy floral arrangements and cartoon characters are just a few of the custom projects that are offered for the most natural confections available.

Gimme Jimmy's Bakery

When you're looking for the perfect edible gift ideas that will please a hungry crowd look no further than cookie baskets. There are not many people in the world that will turn down cookies so you're guaranteed to make lots of people happy with cookie gifts. However, when it comes to selecting great tasting cookies to send to your gift list, it's hard to know which companies are the best of the bunch. This is why Gift Reviews is more than happy to take the time to find companies we feel make the tastiest cookie gifts. Gimmee Jimmy's is one of those companies that we favor over many others. Gimmee Jimmy's was originally founded in 1983 by Jimmy Libman. Working from a small shop in West Orange, New Jersey, Libman can be considered unique in that he was born deaf. He did not view his disability as a deterrent to making and selling quality cookies in his local community. In fact, Libman became an inspiration to others by showing that he could overcome his obstacles and create quality cookie baskets as well as any other bakery. There are no limitations when it comes to baking great cookies and Libman proved this by hiring workers who also just happened to be deaf.

Gimme Jimmy's Bakery Cookie Gifts

For twenty years Libman and his dedicated team proudly baked and delivered Gimmee Jimmy's chocolate chip cookies for eager customers. Knowing that his cookies made great gift ideas, he focused heavily in providing cookie gift baskets during the Christmas holiday season. Individuals and corporations alike enjoyed receiving these homemade goodies for many years. After making thousands of tremendously enjoyable cookie gifts, Libman decided to retire from the business. He passed it over to new owners who have decided to expand the brand and make these delectable cookie baskets available to millions of people. A professional chef has been brought into the company fold to ensure that every sweet treat meets top quality standards.

Gimme Jimmy's Bakery Cookie Gift Ideas

All of Gimmee Jimmy's cookie gifts are baked fresh daily before being wrapped and sent to their destination. Jimmy Libman's original recipes are still being used by the company. In addition to their marvelous cookies, they also offer fresh baklava, rugelach, biscotti, muffins, chocolate eclairs, cream puffs, brownies, cakes and pies. Gift Reviews recommends their tasty cookie baskets that come in these popular delicious flavors: Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Chip M&M, Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Walnut, Oatmeal Raisin and Cranberry Pecan. For gourmet chocolate cookie gifts, we recommend their flavorful Black and White (B&W) Mini Cookies. B&W is a handmade vanilla cookie with half vanilla and half chocolate icing on top. All of the marvelous sweet items on their website make great Christmas gifts ideas for the holidays. There's no doubt that cookie gifts are always extremely popular with both the giver and the recipient.

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Gift Reviews finds Gimmee Jimmy's website to be easy to navigate. Most selections are categorized on a few key pages. We found that it didn't take us long to find exactly what we were looking for in each category. There are no frills or fancy graphics to be found there, however, which is kind of refreshing. The experience is much like having a local bakery right at your fingertips. When browsing their homemade goodies, you can practically taste each item in your mind. They offer free shipping on several of their items and excellent online gift delivery service to anywhere in the U.S. If you are interested in Gimmee Jimmy's gift ideas, or any of the other food baskets or wine baskets we recommend, please use our coupon codes, discount codes, promo codes, special online vouchers and promotional codes.

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