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As you’re out on the prowl looking for gift baskets for your various gifting occasions, be sure to keep Figi’s in mind. They are famous for their gourmet gift basket options along with many other options to choose from. Their signature Americana Barn series and their Little Red Wagon Ornaments are one of a kind, exclusive figurines that many have come to truly cherish. Each figurine stands for something different and carries with it a story worth sharing.

Every year, there is a new figurine added to the Americana Barn Series as well as the Little Red Wagon Ornament series. Each of the collectibles located within these series comes with fantastic meanings to make them even more special for your recipient. Since there are additions every year, you will never run out of unique and meaningful collectibles to give to your friends and family members. The Red Wagon series was begun by Figi’s in 1944. They are created by resident artists within this company and truly symbolize a meaningful gesture.

Symbolic Figurines with a Story of Their Own

The little red wagon is symbolic of the early beginnings of Figi’s. Without a horse and buggy, the cheeses were pulled from door to door in a – you guessed it – little red wagon. Throughout these past 65 years, the company has grown to fulfill large orders for various customers with many different trucks to use for delivery. While they have expanded to exclude the little red wagon in its entirety, the symbolism of the hard work and humble beginnings is meaningful to many. Indeed, ensure that your gift basket is filled with delicious cheeses and beautiful, meaningful red wagon figurines for the perfect present to give.

Figi’s has their very own recipes for making some of the best cheeses from Wisconsin. Wisconsin is known for their cheeses and with these incredibly unique and delicious recipes from Figi’s, you’ll definitely want seconds. These cheeses come in a variety of options for gift baskets and have quickly formed a fan club of repeat customers since their beginnings in 1959. With cheese spreads, dips and blocks, there is no sandwich you won’t want to make.

From Small Time to Big Time

It is difficult to believe that a company could last this long and do this well when they started out with a humble red wagon toting cheese. Figi’s had the philosophy that made all the difference and brought them from those humble beginnings to the successful situation of which they now find themselves in. John Figi’s philosophy was that if he sells good gifts at good prices and guarantees his work, the customers will follow. Indeed, that has proven to be true. Figi’s stands behind all of their products. With their guarantee and their outstanding products and service, this company has certainly produced a line of gift baskets to please the masses.

Not many companies are able to back their products 100%. This is usually so because these companies do not take great care in ensuring their products are top quality. Figi’s realizes that every gift basket must be checked and double checked to ensure it lives up to the standards that made this fine company what it is today. That is why the fine people at Figi’s sample each gift to ensure its high quality. They are also able to keep their impressive guarantee because they realize they’ve got unique offerings that no one else can offer. With their exclusive figurines and their attention to detail, Figi’s has really worked hard in making sure that they can offer something that none of their competitors can.

A Personal Touch Goes a Long Way

Mass production and assembly lines often lead to poorly packed displays and impersonalized products. Figi’s wants no part in mass production of their gourmet gift baskets, which is why they assemble their displays by hand. This ensures a quality, personal touch to every offering from this fine company. They hand tie the bows that adorn each display and do so with the utmost care and concern. By double checking their products, Figi’s realizes how perfection is reached.

Figi’s also offers fine customer service available to any customer in need. Their customer assistance program is one that believes in friendly people to answer customer questions. When there is ever a worry or complaint about Figi’s gift baskets, the guarantee states that the order will be replaced or refunded. Having a competent and helpful customer assistance staff has really made the difference when it comes to overall customer satisfaction.

From their humble beginnings in Marshfield, WI, also known as the heartland, Figi’s has grown to be a force in the gift basket industry. With various options for their gift baskets, they have taken great care in giving their customers exactly what they want. Undoubtedly, this company has thrived and will continue to do so as long as they maintain their excellent standards of service and quality.

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