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Dean and Deluca Review

Dean & Deluca: Purveyors of Fine Food, Wine & Kitchenware

Two men named Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca began the popular company of Dean and DeLuca. These two men absolutely loved the art of finding gourmet foods to make their customers’ mouths water. Anything new and interesting was on the menu for their hunt, which is perhaps the reason they have done so well with their business to this day. Their original crowd of customers consisted of those who were the local artists of their neighborhood thanks to their original grocery store placement on the artists’ corner in SoHo. While their products still greatly appeal to artists, they also have a broad range of appeal for any customer that enjoys fine foods.

The search still continues even until this day with Dean and DeLuca. They continually look for new ways to celebrate foods by bringing exotic pieces to their stores. Their original location began in September of 1977. They took great care in the overall appearance and feel of their new location. With their high ceiling fans and large white walls, they evoked a sense of enchantment amongst their customers. It has been their goal at Dean and DeLuca to create fantastic offerings that have never been sold within the United States before. Indeed, Dean and DeLuca have really created a unique gathering place for food lovers near and far.

Dean and DeLuca Continues to Grow

Changes have continued to happen over the history of Dean and DeLuca. They eventually expanded into a 10,000 square foot space, which eventually developed into an outdoor marketplace. Of course, it became a huge success and customers still today appreciate their innovation and design. They have always taken great care to evoke a sense of elegance and style in their grocery stores to make customers feel that they are really enjoying the ultimate food shopping experience. Indeed, Dean and DeLuca has beautiful marble floors and stainless steel shelves to impress customers as they shop for meats, cheeses, coffees, candies, pastries and more.

They were finally able to open this new, huge warehouse in 1988. While their expanded warehouse offered more than quadruple the amount of space they had available in their original location, they still had much more need for expansion. That is why they began their smaller retail outlet locations in areas such as Rockefeller Plaza and Paramount Hotel. Dean and DeLuca opened espresso bars around the US as well as other larger retail outlets in bigger cities scattered across the country. Slowly but surely the Dean and DeLuca name got bigger and bigger as they became well known for their fabulous assortments of fine foods.

Epicurean Foods and Gourmet Gift Baskets

These days, Dean and DeLuca is still known for their Epicurean food items that they became famous for in the late 1970’s. They continue the tradition of welcoming international food experts onto their team to find only the most delicious and exotic foods available from around the globe. They are continually expanding their product lines and never cease to find ways for positive change. Their latest innovation has been their new wine division available for their valued customers. Dean and DeLuca also offers gourmet coffees and teas to round off their selection as well.

Something else that Dean and DeLuca is very well known for is their extensive selection of gift baskets and gourmet gift baskets they provide for their customers. Since their love for new and exotic foods has made them the success they are today, they have discovered that creating delightful gift baskets filled with these foods is a fantastic addition to their products and services. They are large enough to handle any size of order whether the customer is an individual buyer or a representative for a large corporate account. They have pre-designed and themed gift baskets that are perfect for thank you gifts, corporate offerings, specialty and gourmet occasions and more.

Dean and DeLuca Put Customers First

While Dean and DeLuca does provide absolutely beautiful designs for their customers, they also understand that customers have their own ideas as well. That is why they provide the create-your-own gourmet gift basket option right on their website. Few companies do that for their customers because it creates much more for them to do. Dean and DeLuca, on the other hand, wants to ensure that their customers are given exactly what their customers want. For this reason, this company has ensured that their customers are able to get what they want by selecting a custom designed gift themselves.

Customers are given the freedom to choose both the basket that their contents will be provided in as well as the contents themselves. This leaves much room for tweaking and helps customers to find the best options to fit their individual price range. Indeed, when it comes to fine foods, wines, gifting items and gourmet gift baskets, Dean and DeLuca has definitely figured it out.

Dean & DeLuca Fruit Baskets History

First established in 1977 by Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca, Dean & DeLuca was originally a "corner grocery store" in Soho, the artist's haven in New York. In 1988, a new Dean & DeLuca opened, with four times the floor space. Now, Dean & DeLuca has smaller retail outlets around New York and in Washington. A second store opened in 1993, with 10,000 square feet, in trendy Georgetown, Washington, DC. Now, Dean & DeLuca also has stores in Tokyo, Napa Valley, Kansas City, and Charlotte. All of these locations serve their surrounding communities. Now, the company has expanded further; it offers a variety of fruit baskets and other fruit gift baskets' offerings, as well as those focused on other foods like meats, cheeses, and fine wines, to the country at large via its website at

Dean & DeLuca Offers Much More Then Gourmet Fruit Baskets

Dean & DeLuca certainly offers fruit baskets of your choosing (you can make your own if you wish), but its fruit gift baskets and other product offerings are about much more than just that. Because Dean & DeLuca started out as a "corner grocery store," its product offerings don't just include those from the produce aisle -- namely, the fruit aisle. Truly, Dean & DeLuca is really a little "grocery store in a basket" -- only this little grocery store offers unique items for special gift occasions you won't find anywhere else. In fact, the company specializes in "artisan foods" and handcrafted discoveries, including fruit baskets but with so much more available as well. In fact, many of the foodstuffs you'll find at Dean & DeLuca are difficult to find anywhere else.

Let's take a look at some of Dean & DeLuca's unique gift offerings, including fruit gift baskets. This little "grocery store in a basket" lets you create your own custom fruit baskets and other offerings from the following "departments":

Meats: In addition to favorite offerings like rack of lamb and "Venison Frenched Rib Rack," choose from a variety of meats, whether it be poultry, pork, lamb, or smoked cured meats. Dean & DeLuca also has a "new meats" department, including favorites like beef bourguignon.

Seafood/Fish: Think you can't find good seafood anywhere? Think again. Dean & DeLuca has everything from traditional selections like "tenderloin of salmon" to unique marriages of comfort food and luxury, such as its lobster Mac and cheese. There are also seafood spices available, as well as a selection of shellfish and smoked or cured fish.

Hors d'oeuvres: Think of Dean & DeLuca for your next party. It's hors d'oeuvres they are not to be beat. Choose from a selection based on smoked or cured meats or fish, fruits and nuts, and so much more.

Dean & DeLuca also offers unique selections in departments like "Kitchen and Dining," "Oils and Vinegar," "Candy and Confections," "Wine and Spirits," "Coffee and Tea," "Herbs and Spices," "Cheese," and "Bakery." Mix and match your own baskets, whether you're looking for straight traditional fruit baskets' selections or fruit gift baskets that contain other elements as well. Their fruit tray, for example, contains a lush selection of plums, peaches, cherries and more, available in their "Hors D'oeuvres and Appetizers" department, under the "fruits and nuts" selection.

For more information about Dean & DeLuca or to put together a unique fruit baskets' selection as a gift or for your own enjoyment, visit their website.

Dean & DeLuca

In September of 1977, the very first Dean & DeLuca opened to serve their customers. Founders and owners included Jack Ceglic, Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca. Quite obviously the inspiration for the store name was a combination of two of the owner’s names. Jack Ceglic is an artist who designed the overall appearance of the store itself. With Dean & DeLuca’s love for exotic and unique foods and their passion for creating eating into a creative experience, they came together to form Dean & DeLuca.

Dean & DeLuca Coffee Gifts

Georgio and Joel were first involved in a corner grocery store which got them traveling to find the best products they could find to sell. The more they traveled, the more interesting foods were found that they loved. Magnificent types of coffees and teas were amongst some of their favorite findings. They were able to bring their many discoveries back to them to sell in their new store. Many of their foods had never been sold in the United States before. This is something that sets Dean & DeLuca apart from most of their competitors. Their fantastic selection of gourmet and exotic coffees and teas speak for themselves.

The Expansion of Dean & DeLuca’s Retail Locations

As time continued on, Georgio, Joel and Jack quickly realized they needed more space to enhance their shopping experience for their customers. They also needed more space for Dean & DeLuca to include their ever growing assortment of fine foods, coffees and teas. About ten years after their original store opening, they expanded into a space that quadrupled their old Dean & DeLuca store.

Dean & DeLuca Gift Ideas

Eventually, more and more Dean & DeLuca stores opened in grand cities such as New York and Washington, D.C. Next it was on to Charlotte, Kansas City, Napa Valley and even Tokyo. The level of excellence each of their locations displayed only reinforced their powerful presence in the marketplace. With their travels throughout the world, they have come to find only the best selections of foods, coffees and teas that anyone has come to produce.

Gourmet Coffee and Tea Gifting Options from Dean & DeLuca

As it has been since the original day of opening in 1977, Dean & DeLuca still enjoys providing delicious, exotic, high-quality foods and beverages to make the most perfect selection of gifting options out there. Dean & DeLuca has evolved to the point where they literally have International food experts searching out and finding only the best food and coffee gifting options worldwide.

Coffees, Teas and Cocoas make some of the most gourmet and delicious gift options. Single origin coffees can be difficult to find and an absolute gem of a gift. With the perfect morning roast to start your day, Dean & DeLuca can cover both your morning beverage needs as well as those you know and love. What better gift than a cup of joe that is sold by world-class travelers and coffee connoisseurs? Undoubtedly, if you give gifts of Dean & DeLuca coffees and teas, they will be savored and appreciated by all who receive them.

Huge Selections Available with Dean & DeLuca

The unbelievably large selection of teas available from Dean & DeLuca provides a gift giver’s dream place. With teas available in colors of red, blue, black, green and white, it might be difficult to locate an item that is not offered from Dean & DeLuca. These tantalizing beverage options are perfect for delicious brewing experiences any day of the week. Make a cup of tea with your sibling, parent or child. Each time you share the gift of Dean & DeLuca with someone you love and appreciate, you are sure to see the delight and gratitude in their eyes as they enjoy each and every sip.

Dean & DeLuca Coupon Codes - Coffee Gift Reviews

The various Dean & DeLuca categories of the warm beverage industry have proved enough to fill up much of the website space that Dean & DeLuca uses on their online store. From decaffeinated coffees to mariage frerers teas, Dean & DeLuca has figured out that fantastic beverages can be enjoyed from the comfort and familiarity of your own home. This is why they provide other fabulous gifting options such as capresso cool grind coffee & spice grinders, latte mugs, deluxe coffee scoops, travel mugs, as well as full tea sets.

Dean and DeLuca

Dean & DeLuca is a New York City icon of gourmet food. The original store was opened in Manhattan's SoHo district in 1977 by Giorgio DeLuca, a cheese merchant, and Joel Dean, who worked in publishing. It was an immediate success. Customers marveled at -- and filled their baskets with -- a staggering selection of high quality and uncommon foods and housewares. This was back when extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar were not found in most American kitchens. In the 1980s, the company expanded into a new space with more room for fish and meats. Again great care was taken to make the shopping experience aesthetically pleasing. Today, ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes are no longer hard to find. But Dean & DeLuca maintains its position as an arbiter and purveyor of culinary excellence by continuing to seek out unusual specialty foods, as well as the finest versions of familiar favorites. Dean & DeLuca now has locations in Washington D.C.; Charlotte, North Carolina; Leawood, Kansas; Napa Valley, California; as well as stores in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and The Middle East. Their website features gift reviews by real customers. The company is known for delivering exquisite food baskets and wine baskets, and for beautiful execution of online gift delivery.

Dean and DeLuca Cookie Gifts

Dean & DeLuca is practically a gallery of the best cookie gifts available. From their own house-made offerings, to treats procured through exclusive arrangements with other bakers, you will cookie gifts to suit any occasion. For the most part, rather than country-style cookie baskets, the gift ideas are tins and packages of cookies. However, if you do want to send cookie gifts in a basket-type presentation, you can use the Make Your Own Gift Basket option and then "choose a container." Dean & DeLuca loves good design, so you'll choose from the graffiti tote, black shiny patent tote and classic white box among other options. Then, you'll choose "stuffers," which include cookies and other foods. A quicker approach would be ready-made gift ideas. Consider the Sweet & Savory Tote, which is stuffed with cheese, salami, Black and White cookies, candy and pretzels. These are more than just cookie baskets!

Dean and DeLuca Cookie Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts ideas are abundant. The Dean & DeLuca Cookie Assortment contains four each of over-sized chocolate chip, triple chocolate, and peanut butter. This gift says "classic." To send an urban, elegant message, consider the Black and White Cookies gift. These kosher cookies are a version of the traditional cookie sold in most New York delis. If you'd like to send a celebratory message, the Cigare Rolled Butter Cookies from Japan are an elegant choice. And what about chocolate cookie gifts? Chocolate is always welcome in the office. Dean & Delcua suggests the Americana assortment, which feels homey and comforting: pecan chocolate chip cookies, ginger, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, double fudge chip and almond. The end of the year is a great time to say "Thank you for your business," so consider the Thank You Cookie Tin. It's filled with butter cookies decorated with beautiful colored icing and words such as "merci" and "thank you". This is a Christmas choice that will stand out from the red and green holiday gifts your clients might receive.

Dean and DeLuca Coupon Codes - Cookie Gift Reviews

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