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Dancing Deer has been in business since April 1994 providing quality baked goods to the people of Boston and beyond. These qualities goods use the highest quality natural ingredients that are free of preservatives. This high standard for quality has led to them to numerous awards for quality and taste and has helped them to become a popular website with buyers across the globe.

Founded by Suzanne Lombardi, Ayis Antoniou and Trish Karter, the Dancing Deer become more than a company that offered gift baskets. This became a company that was focused on delivering excellence, while being an environmentally conscious company. In fact, the goal was to ensure that no matter what, quality and excellence was maintained. This led to them becoming respected and by 1996 they were winning awards for their molasses clove cookies and more. Later that year, they were deemed to have the best cake in America on national television programming and quickly took advantage of the national mail order system offeringcoupon codes and ensuring that they always shipped the freshest goods possible.

Interestingly enough, the name of this company is one that comes from the old antique shop that Suzanne’s grandmother ran. In fact, it was from her grandmother’s own recipe box that the deep dark gingerbread cake originated that has quickly become a signature choice for those who are ordering their baked goods from the Dancing Deer.

One of the main drawing points of this company is their simple, yet elegant gift baskets. Consumers are going to find that unlike many other companies, Dancing Deer uses actual baskets as part of these offerings. This means that your gift recipient gets not only the freshest baked goods, but also a basket that they can continue to use for years to come. When you consider the fact that you can use coupon codes to help offset the costs of these items, you quickly will find that these are some of the best deals around.

One of the many charms that Dancing Deer has going for it, is the fact that they keep everything very simple. The packaging on their items tends to be very basic and simple. This helps the individual baked goods shine more and allows each piece to be cherished more as an individual piece, rather than an overall presentation.

Those who purchase these gift baskets will also notice that their recipients are getting the freshest possible baked goods. This means each basket is filled with freshly baked goods and then shipped in a manner that ensures that the baked goods are still fresh and delicious as well. Since quality is important in a gift, you are going to find that this approach to delivering quality is essential.

Besides the coupon codes they give to their customers, Dancing Deer also chooses to help those that are less fortunate as well. With the Sweet Home Project, this company does focus on helping homeless families to get the help that they need and to improve their quality of life as well. This process of giving back has won them a larger following and helped them to be recognized as being a company that cares about their community as well.

What you are going to find is that the different gift baskets you will find are going to be a number of delicious choices. While you are going to find is that you can find a number of delicious cookies and brownies that will fill each basket to the brim. Best of all, the baked goods are certified Kosher and this means that they are going to fit into the diet of everyone that is going to be enjoying them. That can be important, no matter what the occasion will be.

There are a number of gift baskets that can fit into any budget and ensure that you do end up with the best overall value as well. From small corporate gifts that will fall below $30 to more extravagant choices that will be able to provide baked goods to a large crowd of people, you are going to find that there is an endless number of choices you can count on when it comes to these items as well.

For many of these cookie packages, you are going to find that the cookie assortment that you get goes beyond your basic cookies as well. While they certainly have triple chunk chocolate chip cookies, you will find that they also have molasses cookies, cranberry cookies, snicker doodles and even varied choices for brownies such as peanut butter and cappuccino. This means you can have a variety of baked goods that will have a person experiencing some of the different flavors that can make some great memories with a cup of coffee or a cool glass of milk.

Best of all, you can find some of the best deals when you take the time to look at the website as well. Not only do they offer a cookie of the month club, but they can offer you discounted gift baskets as well. If you combine these items with coupon codes, you are going to find that you can save quite a bit of money on quality arrangements that will leave a lasting impression. Best of all ordering is easy through their simple checkout system or you can choose to call their phone number and place your order with a live representative.

If you are looking for gift baskets for any occasion, then you are going to want to consider the Dancing Deer as one of the choices you have. No matter if you are using coupon codes to try them out or to get some of the best gifts around; you are going to find that they do remain one of the best overall choices you have.

Dancing Deer Cookie Gift Reviews

Dancing Deer Baking Company offers a mouthwatering assortment of all-natural cookie gifts made with high-quality ingredients. This Boston-based artisan bakery brings simple elegant packaging and novel combinations of flavors to their sought-after gift ideas. You won’t find artificial preservatives in these natural and Kosher cookies. Each batch is made by hand with a focus on purity and freshness. When possible, Dancing Deer uses environmentally friendly products. They also devote a portion of their profits to helping the homeless. This philanthropic streak extends to their employees as well, and each one is a stakeholder in the company. Dancing Deer products can be found in fine retailers throughout the country. The company began in 1994 in a corner pizza shop with just a few ovens. They sold wholesale to other restaurants, but consumer demand was high, and they decided to start selling retail. Three years later their Molasses Clove cookie won the equivalent of a food Oscar. Shortly thereafter, they were featured on a television program that declared that they made the best cake in the country. Orders began pouring in, and the business was an official success. They continue to win awards to this day. Now, their fabulous cookie gifts are available for everyone to buy.

Dancing Deer Cookie Gifts

With a large variety of cookie baskets ready for online gift delivery, Dancing Deer offers gift ideas for just about any taste. The Create Your Own Cookie Tower allows you to pick up to 32 different cookies in two flavors. The gift comes in an attractive gift box tied with a ribbon. Another exciting choice in cookie baskets is the Congratulations Cookie Sampler. It includes four varieties of cookies and is cleverly packaged in a wooden box with Dancing Deer artwork. Colorful tissue paper and noise makers are added for a festive touch, and the box is wrapped with a bright orange ribbon. You can also try the Large Cookie Sampler which comes with six of their best-selling flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Molasses Clove, Triple Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Orange, Sugar Cane Lime, and Maple Oatmeal. If you’re looking for chocolate cookie gifts, try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Gift Box. This gift includes 16 cookies tastefully put together in a red gift box.

Dancing Deer Cookie Gift Ideas

Look no further than Dancing Deer when you need Christmas gifts ideas. The Molasses Clove Cookie Gift Box is perfect for holiday orders. These chewy cookies won the company their first award. Another great idea for the holidays, or any time really, is the Cranberry Orange Cookie Gift Box. These delicious cookies are chock full of white chocolate chips and dried cranberries. All the cookie gifts are arranged on a single page on the website which makes ordering a breeze. During checkout you have the option of personalizing the cookie gifts with a message.

Dancing Deer Coupon Codes - Cookie Gift Reviews

With Gift Reviews coupon codes you can save 20% on your Dancing Deer cookie baskets. Online vouchers provide an easy way save money on your order. Now you can get the perfect gift and save money at the same time. Just enter in the Gift Reviews promotional codes on the checkout page, and your discount codes are automatically applied. The Gift Reviews promo codes are also good for wine baskets and food baskets. When you need memorable gift ideas, Dancing Deer won’t let you down.

Dancing Deer Baking Company Brownie Gift Reviews

Dancing Deer was the brain-child of three passionate individuals. Suzanne Lombardi is the skilled baker who actually created many of the recipes used in Dancing Deer products. Ayis Antoniou, a brilliant business strategist and theoretical physicist, has directed the company into great success over since they begin in 1994. The woman who adds the art and natural aspect to the company’s products is artist and nature-lover Trish Karter. These three have been tied together by a common passion for creating delicious, beautiful and naturally made food items (such as their famous brownies), and their passion has spilled over making them a favorite amongst the market. Their success has been quite impressive. They were even named on national television as having the “best cake in America” when a food writer happened upon their shop. Pretty soon orders were flooding in for food gift baskets, brownies and so forth and gift reviews for these products have been highly favorable.

Dancing Deer Brownie Gifts

Dancing Deer’s chocolate brownie gifts are simply to die for, and because of their great success, they have become one of the most wonderful gift ideas out there. The brownies, as with the rest of their products, are made from perishable, natural ingredients so to provide the most pure brownie experience possible. This is something that really makes this company stand out from its competition. Very few people are offering this kind of organic, natural food products without the use of preservatives anymore. Natural food and health enthusiasts has found this company to offer exactly what they are looking for and more. They are also highly aware of environmental concerns, which endears them to their customer base. Food baskets have grown to be one of the most popular Christmas gift ideas today, and these chocolate brownie gifts rank at the top of the list.

Dancing Deer Brownie Gift Ideas

With outstanding chocolate brownie gifts, beautiful gift baskets and gift ideas, and the available of online vouchers, Dancing Deer Brownie Gifts have thrived. These gift baskets are perfect for any occasion throughout the year. Christmas, Easter, birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines’ Day are just a few excuses to purchase from this company. Not only are the brownies delicious, but they are also very aesthetically-pleasing. There are so many options and flavors to choose from including Chocolate Chunk, Cappuccino Brownies and Caramel Pecan Brownies. They also carry beautiful wine baskets to accent the brownie gifts. Gift reviews report that these chocolate brownie gifts are the perfect gift for any food lover.

Dancing Deer Coupon Codes - Brownie Gift Reviews

One of the reasons the gift reviews have been positive for Dancing Deer Brownie Gifts is that they have many coupon codes, discount codes and promotional codes to take advantage of online. The prices are already decent for the quality of the product they offer. When it comes to special occasions or Christmas gifts ideas, when money is often leaving the bank quicker than it's going in, it’s nice to find promo codes that are accessible and make the products even more affordable. This company provides the best brownie and wine gift ideas on the market and couples it with fantastic sales and deals. Gift reviews give top markets to Dancing Deer and their gift baskets.

Dancing Deer Baking Company Cake Gift Reviews

Gift reviews are ready and Dancing Deer Cake Gifts has scored highly in our estimation. This company, started in 1994 by three food and nature enthusiasts, has grown to become one of the leading vendors for cake gifts, gift baskets, wine baskets, food baskets and other gift ideas. It’s no wonder that Dancing Deer has done so well in this industry. They have combined the vision and talents of skilled baker Suzanne Lombardi, artist and environmentally aware Trish Karter and the theoretical physicist/business strategist Ayis Antoniou. With this trio of brains and heart, there was little chance that this company would not grow to become a leading source of Christmas gifts ideas and much more.

Dancing Deer Cake Gifts

Dancing Deer Baking Co. has a very clear and marketable brand. They strive to create the best and most delicious food items, using only natural products without preservatives, and doing everything with the care of the environment at the forefront of their minds. They specialize in a variety of food products, but have been particularly popular for wedding cake gifts, birthday cakes, gift baskets and brownie gifts. When it comes to cake gifts, there are many delicious choices from which to select. Perhaps a Chocolate Espresso Cake to brighten someone’s day or a Deep Dark Gingerbread Cake for the holidays? Another favorite is the Maple Pumpkin Cranberry Cake—perfect for Thanksgiving. They also provide birthday cake party kits to make the cakes both delicious and aesthetically-pleasing.

Dancing Deer Cake Gift Ideas

There is nothing sub-par about these cakes. The cake gifts are delicious and presentable. Not only that but people can feel good about eating these cakes because they are made with only the most pure and natural ingredients available. Cakes make great gift ideas all year long. Whether it’s to celebrate a graduation, a birth, a baptism or for Halloween, cakes and gift baskets are always welcome surprises. Dancing deer provides cake delivery and online gift delivery giving people the opportunity to order from the convenience and comfort of their own home. When it comes to Christmas time this is a perfect solution for the problem of what to bring to someone’s home. A Christmas cake will do the trick.

Dancing Deer Coupon Codes - Cake Gift Reviews

With a struggling economy and many people out of work, the need for affordable gift ideas is great indeed. Our gift reviews not only look at the quality of the product but also at the company’s willingness to offer great deals and affordable gift ideas. Dancing Deer does this with it’s plethora of coupon codes and discount codes available. Promotional codes can be found by searching online and online vouchers are easy to find and to use. The prices that Dancing Deer charges for this cake gifts are already quite reasonable, so the fact that they have these great promo codes makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable for the customer. They clearly care about providing quality gift ideas at convenient prices. When it comes to gift reviews for this company, they get high markings all the way across the board.

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