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Established in Philadelphia, Coffee For Less has been providing households, offices and restaurants alike with their fabulous brand name coffees for the last 25 years. Having established themselves as one of the better known coffee providers in the Greater Delaware Valley, they have now also reached the point of being the biggest office coffee service provider throughout Philly.

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Some of the better known coffee brands that are sold online at Coffee For Less include Starbucks, Barrie House, Millstone, Green Mountain and their own personal brand as well. Along with selling coffee, the Coffee For Less website also sells some of the better-known tea brands as well. From Tazo to Bigelow and Tetley to Celestial Seasoning, there are many different varieties of teas readily available to suit your beverage needs.

Simple Online Ordering with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It is easy to order teas or coffees from Coffee For Less online. They provide a toll free phone number right on their website to take down orders whether they are for a single family or an entire restaurant. The versatility of this company is something that really makes them useful to all different types of coffee buyers.

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Keeping their customers completely happy is what Coffee For Less strives for every day. That is why they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. This does not mean you will have to sit there and argue about why you should get your money back. It means that if you are not satisfied, (which is unlikely) they will refund your purchase amount.

Members of an Elite Group

Keeping their credibility is incredibly high on their list of goals. The Coffee For Less Company has made themselves accredited members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau). By having this accreditation, they are even more fully committed to getting their customers’ full approval on each and every transaction. Such a feat is hard to accomplish but has been proven a high priority for Coffee For Less.

One of the more popular trends in businesses today is to get involved with community service. Something that is delightful to note about Coffee For Less is that they have been active members of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation for more than 19 years. Back in the days where it wasn’t an important bragging right for businesses, Coffee For Less was deeply involved with community service. This shows that they truly do have the best of intentions and are giving back for the sole purpose of giving back instead of for financial gain.

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As you are shopping around for your coffee gifting needs, you may also note that Coffee For Less is considered to be a Starbucks Preferred Office Coffee Provider. This is not an honorary group title. It means that of the many coffee companies out there, Coffee For Less is one of the few who have been chosen as members of this elite group. By having this membership, it simply means that they adhere to high quality standards which mean they provide only the best products and services all around.

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250 South 18th Street Suite 802
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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