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The world’s oldest floral services organization happens to be FTD. They market flowers to sell through their website. They use independent FTD florists to provide same day delivery of orders to almost the entire United States. Only the highest quality and service standards are used with each of these independent florists that fulfill these orders.

FTD was founded in August of 1910. Because of the massive size of their operations and customer base, they are considered one of the largest floral companies over the world. They have been leading the industry when it comes to dependability, artistry and quality. Their network is made up of about 16,000 retail florists around North America and connects to approximately 54,000 florists in over 150 countries. Every order that is sent through FTD is guaranteed for satisfaction.

It Started With Fifteen

This company came about when fifteen American retail florists decided it would be mutually beneficial to exchange orders for out-of-town deliveries. By forming a pact together, they could all save on shipping costs and ensure fresher flowers to be sent. This group of fifteen florists originally called their newly formed organization the “Florists’ Telegraph Delivery”. After fifteen years, FTD expanded to service international deliveries. They changed their name from the “Florists’ Telegraph Delivery” to “Florists Transworld Delivery”. In the later years, their logo of a Mercury man has become an iconic image in the floral industry.

The world’s leading floral network uses the Mercury Network. The Mercury Network is known as the “Floral Informational Superhighway”. Basically, it processes wire orders and messages for all major floriculture industry players. This software helps to get FTD their orders processed in a timely and efficient manner.

Let FTD Be There for You

The FTD network offers a reminder service that helps those with forgetful tendencies to remember special occasions. Nothing can ruin an anniversary like forgetting to let your significant other know that you appreciate them. With the reminder service, you shouldn’t have to worry about another special occasion again. You will be sent an electronic reminder with advance notice to ensure you take care of what matters the most. For anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and any other special occasion, you can send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to friends or family that matter to you.

Something else that the FTD Network provides for their valued customers is an incredibly large selection of occasion-specific floral arrangements. From common options like anniversaries and birthdays to specific religious occasions such as Hanukkah, FTD provides something fit for any circumstance. FTD’s prices vary to fit any budget’s gift giving needs.

How FTD Delivers Your Flower Arrangement

As recently mentioned, FTD is a network of independent florists who work together to ensure that orders in their local areas are fulfilled according to high standards of quality and service. When an order is submitted to FTD, it is sent electronically through their Mercury Network to the closest network florist to your recipient. They adhere to strict guidelines of freshness, presentation and quality to instill confidence in the buying process. Each order sent through this company comes with a seven day satisfaction guarantee.

The way that FTD runs its operations is to contract independent florists to get the jobs done. FTD is a marketer of floral arrangements and specialty gift baskets. While they sell them using their website and their telephone, they do not create these gifts themselves. Interestingly enough, this company is the world’s oldest floral services organization.

Contracting out their work to independent florists has worked out well for FTD’s business model. They ensure that these contracted agents commit to the highest standards of quality with their service. This remarkable company procures same-day delivery to almost the entire United States. With the variety of flower options available at FTD, they seem almost too good to be true.

A Variety to Choose From: FTD Florists Assure the Quality of the Fruit Baskets

Indeed, FTD can offer specialty gifts for every holiday or special event. If your occasion calls for a gift, you can feel certain that this fine company has something available for your needs. Because of the fact that FTD prides themselves on their artistic displays, reliable service and value if ingredients, they have made their way as one of the largest floral businesses in the world.

FTD has a huge network that includes about 16,000 contracted florists in the United States as well as about 45,000 other florists throughout 154 countries. Although this fine company contracts out many of its orders in the hope of being able to serve all who have a need, they have been able to keep their guarantee on all orders sent through FTD within both the United States and Canada. That’s an impressive promise given the fact that they outsource their gift baskets and flowers.

A Symbol of Quality: FTD Chooses Mercury to Represent Their Brand

The Mercury figure was made the logo of that’s an impressive promise, which has since become one of the most recognized logos throughout the entire world. This was issued in 1914, just four years after the founding of FTD. The origination of FTD is an interesting story. Fifteen American retail store owners of flower arrangements came together to agree to help each other with out-of-town deliveries. It took a mere five years to expand into an international presence that brought international florists together in the spirit of mutual benefit. No doubt this impressive business model will continue on for decades since local florists are around for the long haul.

While you've probably heard of the FTD (Florists' Transworld Delivery) company, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that its product line doesn't just include lovely flowers.

FTD is the world's oldest organization providing floral services. The company's main tools for order flowers were once the telegraph and telephone. Today, you can also use the Internet to place your order for FTD products. So customers now have two fantastic options for ordering their quality products, such as fruit baskets.

FTD has been providing quality products for over a century. It all began in 1910 when the company was founded. At that time, 15 retail florists in the USA made an agreement to exchange orders whenever they needed to make deliveries outside their towns or cities. Interestingly, the original name of the company was Florists' Telegraph Delivery. While the telegraph itself has become obsolete, the fact that FTD was the first company to provide a service for "flowers-by-wire" is definitely noteworthy. Four years after its founding, FTD chose its official logo to be a figure of the god Mercury. "Mercury Man" has become an iconic symbol not only for FTD, but also for the floral industry at large.

Today, FTD has become Florists Transworld Delivery. Although customers now use telephones and computers to order, the essence of the company hasn't changed. Its network of florists now includes about 45,000 florists located in over 150 countries. That helps to ensure that FTD can provide its customers with a wide array of different quality flowers from around the world.


Here are some of the main features of FTD:

1. Delivery

Amazingly, FTD has the capability of delivering orders to virtually anyone in the USA. That's quite astounding, considering that the USA is the world's third largest country in terms of its land mass. Whether you're ordering fruit baskets or other products, FTD uses the Mercury Network to process your order. That's an electronic network that's the industry standard for filling electronic floral orders. Amazingly, the network processes about 15 million messages and orders annually. Due to this state-of-the-art technology, customers can be assured that their orders will be filled quickly and accurately.

One drawback of buying a fruit basket from FTD is that you won't be able to avail of same-day shipping. That's likely due to the fact that FTD doesn't specialize in fruit per se. Still, you can still be assured that you'll receive a fruit basket or fruit tower in a timely manner.

2. Quality

FTD gets its flowers, fruits, and other supplies for its products-from some of the top florists and farmers in the USA and abroad. In fact, FTD's network of florists includes over 16,000 national florists and 45,000 international florists. All of them must meet the extremely high quality standards of FTD. As a customer of products (such as fruit baskets), you can be assured that you'll be getting top-quality products whenever you place an order with FTD.

Interestingly, one of the ways that FTD has maintained its availability of top-notch products such as fruit baskets has been due to its contracting of independent florists. FTD insists that such florists maintain the highest standards possible when providing them with various floral and fruit basket arrangements.

3. Variety

Like their floral arrangements FTD gives your multiple options when choosing a fruit basket arrangement. Why is that important? You'll have the ability to choose a fruit basket that suits the person and occasion that you're buying it for. That includes factors such as the items included in the fruit basket, the arrangement of the fruit, and so on. Variety is indeed the spice of life. It's definitely a plus when you're ordering a gift for someone. If you want to choose a fruit gift that's an alternative to a fruit basket, then you could choose a fruit tower. The bottom line is that multiple options help to ensure that you'll choose the perfect gift for someone.


If you're interested in order fruit baskets from FTD, you'll be pleased to learn that they offer four quality gourmet fruit baskets, and one fruit tower. Both types of products include top-quality fruit from some of the best fruit-growing farms in the USA. As when ordering flowers from FTD, you can be assured that you'll be getting the outstanding products and service that FTD has been providing its customers for about a century.

Some of the fruits contained in a FTD fruit basket include:

Apples: While there's no guarantee that eating apples will prevent you from getting sick, they certainly contain several vitamins and minerals that we need on a day-to-day basis. Apples are available in a cornucopia of different types, colors, and flavors (ranging from sweet to sour). So it's not surprising that they're one of the staples of FTD gift baskets containing fruit.

Grapes: While grapes contain a lot of water, they're also an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants. Antioxidants are crucial for helping you to avoid sickness and even certain diseases. In fact, many health experts recommended that we consume a glass of white or red wine on a daily basis. If you're not a fan of alcoholic beverages, then a viable alternative would be grapes-including the ones in an attractive fruit basket.

Oranges: Citrus fruits such as oranges provide several health benefits. In particular, they're extremely high in Vitamin C. Oranges are also an outstanding way to increase your metabolism. A higher metabolism means that your body will burn calories and fat faster, which are crucial characteristics if you want to shed some pounds.

Pears: Pears are also an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals. So it's not surprising that you can also find them in a fruit basket from FTD.

FTD stands for Florists Transworld Delivery, the world’s largest and leading flowers-by-wire gift baskets company. FTD offers International Delivery which links to around 20,000 retail florists in Canada and the United States. FTD links florists in 140 countries across the globe. On an annual basis, FTD manages to deliver flowers and gift baskets on more than 12 million orders. Other than flowers FTD also offers beautiful gifting baskets with great coupon codes. These codes are quite common in the case of online shopping. These coupons make the online shopping experience more lucrative.

The FTD Corporation is a private, profit-based company. FTD was started by fifteen American florists. The team was led by John Valentine, the floral company owner on August 18, 1910. These fifteen American florists made a deal to serve customers through Telegraph and were initially called Florists Telegraph Delivery. Florists Telegraph Delivery back in 1910 helped customers to send flowers or gift baskets to distant places on the same day through FTD network. Later in 1965, Florist Telegraph Delivery started offering International orders and then they called themselves Florists Transworld Delivery. Like other online product selling websites, FTD also offers attractive coupon codes.

Coupon codes

FTD gift baskets are exclusive. FTD coupon codes provide great savings ranging from 20% - 35%. These awesome codes are made especially for their valuable existing and new customers. These codes can be used to gift your loved ones and are affordable. The codes are available on flowers, any gift basket, plants, Jewelry boutique and other items. The codes make your gifts more reasonable and bring joy and happiness to the one who sends the gift and to the receiver.

Special gift baskets

FTD specializes in flowers and bouquets like the best sellers Serene peace plant, Mini Rose plant, Lucky Bamboo, Fall Lemon Cypress Trio to name a few. For this coming Christmas, FTD is offering the Christmas holiday tree, the Christmas holiday bouquet and other special gift baskets and coupon codes.

The best selling flowers of FTD are the Precious Heart bouquet, the Birthday bouquet, the Brighten Any Day mixed Rose bouquet, the Long Stem Red Rose bouquet, the Candied Christmas holiday bouquet, the Holiday wishes bouquet, the Peace, Love and Laughter holiday bouquet, the Memorable Moments bouquet and many more. Coupon codes are also available on flowers and gift baskets.

FTD’s other specialties are Dry Fruits, Spa Delights, the baby gift basket, the Get Well Soon gift baskets consisting of fresh fruits and other goodies, the Mom and Baby gift basket and many more.

Variety of gift baskets

You always want something special for loved ones. FTD makes sure your every penny spent on gift baskets is worth buying.

  • For Birthdays: FTD offers Chocolates, Spa delights, soft toys and much more.
  • For Holiday Celebrations: You always want your holiday to be the best and FTD offers the best of wine with chocolates or dry fruits or gourmet gift sets. There is so much that this company offers.
  • For the newborns: For those new additions who bring love, joy and happiness in any family FTD provides Best Baby gift basketsconsisting of shampoos, hair brushes, wipes and soft toys. There are separate special baskets for the baby boy and baby girl.
  • For Get Well Soon: FTD offers fresh fruits with greetings or dry fruits with other goodies.
  • For a homely get-together: FTD gives a wide range of snacks gifting baskets.

The company has many exciting gifting baskets on offer from the snack gift basket to the wine country gift basket. They also provide the tea and coffee gift basket, cheese basket and many more.

The Strengths of FTD

FTD strives to do their best for their valuable customers. They give complete satisfaction, from pre-ordering to post-delivery.

  • You can easily find out what you are looking for
  • There is an availability of different products
  • They offer clear and easily understood product information with…
  • The over-all look and design of the FTD site
  • There are reasonable shipping charges and…
  • Clearly mentioned charges before submission of any order

They offer post-delivery satisfaction such as:

  • The ability to track orders until the product is delivered safely
  • On-time delivery: The biggest strength of FTD is its on-time delivery. The product will be received when expected.
  • Expected product: The correct product is delivered as described by the FTD site
  • Customer Support: FTD’s customer support is always there for resolving any product related issue.


FTD provides fresh and beautiful flowers and plants for all those special occasions like weddings, birthdays, Anniversary, Congratulations, love and romance, Thanksgiving, new baby and Halloween or for those moments of sympathy.

With different themes like the Monthly gifts, better homes and gardens, the FTD luxury collection, the FTD floral jewels birth stone collection, Sweet shop, Jewelry boutique, and Plants, FTD will provide the best of flowers for every theme. They have a huge collection of flowers like Roses, Lilies, Orchids, and Daisies and also eco-friendly flowers.

FTD provides International delivery of flowers for Weddings, Halloween parties, Birthdays, or Anniversaries. All these special occasions require a huge amount of flowers for decoration. You can check for special gift baskets and coupon codes available. FTD offers on-time delivery so that you do not have to compromise on any special occasion in your life.

FTD also have a gift galleria which offers a special gift basket of bears and balloons for birthdays, get well soon wishes, gourmet gift sets, floral jewel birth stone collection and lots more.

FTD provides a variety of brands to choose from for your gift baskets. Brands available at FTD are Vera Wang, Starbucks, Ultimate roses, Steuben, Godiva, Ghirardelli, Nambe, Mrs. Field, Smithsonian, Waterford and Wedgwood, and the FTD luxury collection. There are many more brands to offer their customers.

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