The family that relies upon their own talents to operate Coffee.Org is known as the McClure Family. Through their combined efforts, they have brought their online wholesale coffee store to the forefront of leading online coffee distributors. Not only does the Coffee.org family company specialize in selling premium coffees, but they also specialize in distributing other fantastic products such as chocolates, teas, gourmet cakes and even various supplies.

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True to their company name, though, Coffee.org began with coffee and that will always be their true love. They have paid attention to each meticulous detail pertaining to every notch in the supply chain. Their goal of making contact with some of the world’s finest chefs and growers to help them with their products has been realized and their online company is able to reap the benefits.

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The major players in the McClure family business would include husband and wife team Bill and Jammie, along with Ellie Glidewell and Emmie Thomas. Alex Ahmad and Mary Weisenfels are both additions to the Coffee.org team and help the McClure family in several key ways.

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Together with Bill’s many years of financial and technological work experiences and Jammie’s degree from the University of Arkansas, they have the tools necessary to get what they need. Ellie is also a graduate of the University of Arkansas while Emmie graduated from the University of Tennessee. Together this family and their esteemed associates indeed have created a fantastic online business that suits the needs of coffee drinkers around the world.

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Specialty products can be found on the Coffee.org website in signature brands such as Miss Ellie’s and more. Their products come from all over the world, specifically from South and Central America. They realize in the McClure family that people need more than just coffee, though. They need supplies for the break room which are comprised of cups, filters, mugs, stirrers and more. That’s where Coffee.org comes in. Their mission has been to put together the most premium online coffee store possible and with their current rate of success, one might say they have just about done it.

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5705 Steep Hill Road, Building 10712
Fort Smith, AR 72916

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