We Review Gift Baskets

Gift Reviews (GiftReviews.com) be best be described as the J.D. Power and Associates of online gifting. Why? Because we take reviewing gifts seriously and to the level no man (or woman) has gone before. Many of us have ordered a gift online that when it arrived looked absolutely nothing like the picture we saw when we made our purchasing decision. For example, instead of artisan mint chocolate truffles.... a bag of Peanut M&Ms; instead of large hand-picked crisp orchard pears, small and bruised that were worse that you'd find in a grocery store. Online gifting companies are able to send, without consequence or recourse, a far inferior gift to your mother because your mother won't tell you the truth, she'll say "Honey, it was the most beautiful gift I have ever received!!"

So, with the power of the Internet we can now hold online gift basket companies responsible for what they send. Why do we do it? Because, we want to change the faces of gifting, one perfect gift at a time. How do we do it? We order gifts from the top online gifting retailers and we painstakingly go through each gift with a fine-tooth comb, sample every item, and detail out for you exactly what we find - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We take 10-20 artistic and tasteful high quality photos of each gift, the shipping box, the packaging, the gift box inside, the gift card, the fruit, the chocolate... well you get the point. We try to give you the experience of receiving a gift from each gift provider so you can experience exactly what a loved one, friend, or a client will experience before you decide to purchase.

We also negotiate Coupon Codes from each of the gifting companies we review and make those available to you. You no longer have to search the Internet trying discount code after coupon code to find one that works. You can find these promotion codes on each of the review pages as well as on our Gift Review Coupons Page.

So Who Should I Buy Gift Baskets From?

Gift Reviews has ordered gifts from the best online gifting providers to see how quickly the gift basket arrives, to evaluate the quality of their packaging, and to review and sample each fruit and gourmet item. We have done this so that you feel confident with our recommendations and reviews. Gift Reviews has documented with pictures and videos so that you know that the gift that arrives is everything you hoped it would be. And once you you've made your decision on which company best represents your personality (or that of your company) Gift Reviews provides you with exclusive promo codes so you can save money on your purchase. These coupon codes can be found on our Gift Reviews Coupon Code page, or on each of the pages of the companies we reviewed.

How It Works

Step One

We order a gift from a company that ships their products nationwide. The company must sell their products online, so our readers can redeem the coupon codes we negotiate to buy the baskets. We have the baskets sent to the Gift Reviews review team to be professionally evaluated.

Step Two

Next we pretend we are the pickiest friend, CEO, client or relative recipient you have. Once the basket arrives we have a series of professional, quality photos taken of the basket and its contents. We taste everything. We read ingredients. We research where the items came from and how much they cost.

Step Three

We review the gift. We rate them on quality, quantity, and presentation. The results of our reviews, the photos, the videos, and the negotiated coupon codes are uploaded to help consumers make the right gifting decision and to save time and money with our discount codes.

Our Team

Jared Sidwell

Jared Sidwell started reviewing fruit baskets and gift baskets in 2007 and it has evolved over the years in to GiftReviews.com.